December 30, 2006

ISU Snowmen

Make your own Iowa State University snowman! What else will they waste our tuition money on?

Ludo - Hum Along

December 29, 2006

Wii VS Craig's List - Which one stinks more?

This Christmas my family got a Wii. A month ago I convinced my stepmother that it would be a good idea to pool some of my brother's xmas presents together and get one big one in the form of a Wii. She found one, on Craig's List. She even drove over an hour away to pick it up in a restaurant parking lot (sketchy!). But she didn't know what she was getting, so the guy scammed her (bastard!). Both the remote and the numb chuck were missing, as well as a stand that allows the Wii to stand on end without tipping. She paid a little extra for the new Zelda game, and got a 1gig SD card also. In the end she overpaid even without getting scammed, but it was worth it to get a Wii. When she realized the remote was missing she again hopped on Craig's and found one, that my father picked up a few towns over the day before Christmas. With all these things going wrong my stepmom told me to try it out. So the day before xmas, I set the whole thing up and tried out Wii Sports. Let me tell you, it was glorious! It was everything I had hoped it would be. But what I really wanted to do was play the newest Zelda game. I needed a numb chuck for that. So I had to wait.

Of course, somehow, my little brother found out we were getting a Wii and blabbed his mouth about it. So, come Christmas, there was no Wii under the tree. He was pissed, but he knew he couldn't say anything or else mom would know he knew (even though she already knew). He was so bad, she almost made him stay home from going to Grandma's for lunch. While everyone was out, and the twins were shooting their new shotgun (who gives a 13 year old a gun?!), I set up the Wii in my Grandparent's living room. It didn't work. Hasn't since. I think what happened is the guy who sold it to my mother played it until it broke, then sold it.

So now I have a broken, over-paid-for, useless Wii. Oh well, sh*t happens.

so i'll clear the road, the gravel
and the thornbush in your path
that burns a scented oil
that i'll drip into your bath
the water's there to warm you
and the earth is warmer when you laugh

and love is the scene i render
when you catch me wide awake
and love is the dream you enter
though i shake and shake and shake you
and love's the best endeavor
waiting in the lion's mane

-Iron & Wine Lion's Mane

December 28, 2006

Office Space Trailer - Horror

December 27, 2006

I can't get to sleep
I think about the implications
Of diving in too deep
And possibly the complications

Especially at night
I worry over situations
I know I'll be alright
It's just overkill

- Colin Hay Overkill

Jamie Cullum - All at Sea

December 25, 2006

December 24, 2006


December 21, 2006

New Shins Album!

Weekend in Souptown

I just got back from my trip up to Duluth. Actually I was in Wisconsin, in the town of Superior which is just across the border from Duluth. I was visiting my cousin Ben, and enjoying free lift passes (pass-holder's appreciation week rules!). I had a great time. But my trip was cut short due to a high speed belly flop onto my arm/wrist. I then managed to fall on my wrist again less than ten minutes later while trying to ride switch (backwards) and take a picture of my cousin. I decided I was done for the day, which turned into done for the week. I'm doing my best to wear a brace and not use my left hand, so I can get back to boarding/drumming/guitaring etc as soon as possible. But at least I wasn't the other Andy. I saw him on the hill just hours before he broke his collarbone. Poor guy.

Other than that, I met a ton of people, went to a Black & White party, de-virginized myself with Beer Pong and Flippy Cup (finally), watched movies with the girls and generally had a good time. Here's pretty much the only good picture we got of me, boardsliding the only box there. I actually fell on this attempt, but made it even with a hurt wrist (bad idea, I know). Hopefully we'll get some more photos next week when Ben comes back to the cities. If you have the Facebook, you can check on the album I made, but it's being annoying and wont let you view most of the photos. I'll keep working on it.

How the girls can turn to ghosts before your eyes
And the very dreams that led to them, are keeping them from dying (keeping them alive)
And how the grace with which she walked into your life
Will stay with you in your steps, pace with you a while

For so long, so long

- Dashboard Confessional So Long, So Long

December 18, 2006

I'm off to Duluth! I may not post for a few days, because I'll be too busy boarding and playing Guitar Hero. Here's a picture to tide you over. Just pretend his jacket is blue, helmet/pants black, and a red board, and you will have a pretty good idea what I will look like in a few hours.

December 17, 2006

where do you go when even home isn't right? When school is a mess and nothing can go right. What can you do when even parents can't help you, and friends can only mask the pain? I don't know. I wonder these things myself.

Nothing has felt right lately. Classes are over, yet I still feel the stress. I'm home but I don't feel at home. I still wait for my friends to come back to Minnesota, but sometimes I don't even want to see them. I have stuff to do, but I don't want to do it. I just want to sleep. I just want to go back to Ames, start classes again, so I can have a sense of purpose again. Hopefully snowboarding will help out. Maybe even playing some Guitar Hero with my cousin. At least it will be something fun. I should have brought my drumset home. It keeps me sane, and I need it right now.

Oh this makes me laugh. One of my friends just pointed out a website called Exposing Satanism. Now I don't believe in Satanism as a religion, and I am not interested in this website in the least, especially for the religious teachings. But the site includes an article called The Immaculate Conception as Perverted in the Pagan Harry Potter Books. As I read the article I became more and more disgusted at some of the people in this world. I've read the Harry Potter books many times each. I actually had the sixth book (out of seven) the day it came out, and read it twice in 24 hours. I obviously had very little to do and too much time on my hands. So I like to think that I know a little about this series of books. I haven't seen signs of a "hidden gay agenda", "the anti-christ" or "sexual congress with goats". I'm sorry, but this lady has a few nuts loose. Plus she also states that Hilary Clinton is a Freemason like it's a well known fact. The whole article is just funny because it is so out there.

December 16, 2006

Yesterday I drove home from school. It takes me four hours, and I didn't leave Ames until 9PM. So I didn't get home until 1AM. It's all good, but I get tired when I drive that long by myself. This time was different. My friend Nimit once told me that all you need to road trip is one good album per hour. Lately I've been listening to the Dashboard Confessional album Dusk and Summer and +44's When Your Heart Stops Beating. But what about the other two hours? Enter my friend Emilia. She sent me two mix CDs. One Indie, one Classic. Ah yeah.

Let me tell you, that was one of the best mixes I've ever heard. Granted, the mix tape kinda left in the 80's, much to my disappointment, but it was still frickin' amazing. I'm definitely checking out all but one of these bands (and I'm not telling you which one). Here's the Indie album:

  • this boy is exhausted - the wrens
  • beautiful car - m. ward
  • hair - atmosphere
  • the first five times - stars
  • cactus - pixies
  • anthems for a seventeen year old girl - broken social scene
  • on pilot mountain - spymob
  • where does the good go? - tegan and sara
  • all you can eat - ben folds
  • take your mama - scissor sisters
  • bad habit - the dresden dolls
  • cozy in the rocket - psapp
  • hornets! hornets! - the hold steady
  • believer - ben kweller
  • lover, you should've come over - jeff buckley
  • bizarre christmas incident - bend folds five
Again I repeat. Freakin' Awesome.

Ludo - Good Will Hunting By Myself

The first time you looked, at her curves you were hooked
And the glances you took, took hold of you
And demanded that you stay

And sunk in their teeth, bit you hard and released
Such a charge that you need, another touch
Another taste, another fix

She just might get you lost
And she just might leave you torn
But she just might save your soul
If she gets you and she, gets you any closer

- Dashboard Confessional Rooftops and Invitations

December 15, 2006

Rock out with your cock out

One of my favorite Threadless T-Shirts was just re-printed. I think I'm gonna buy it. Here's another, just because it makes me laugh.

Check out my roommate Josh's new photo website! It's sweet, because I made it. Actually, it was really easy using JAlbum (more on that later). I just added the folders/pictures and it spit out a website. So I really didn't do anything. Check it out, he's pretty good.

UPDATE: Here's the hyper link for Josh's Photo Website. I forgot to link it last time.

December 14, 2006

Jamie Cullum - London Skies on Leno

So may the sun-rise bring hope where it once was forgotten
Sons are like birds flying upward over the mountain

- Iron & Wine

December 13, 2006

Iron & Wine

Many of my friends own the Garden State Soundtrack, and love it. The interesting thing is how few people know there is a mistake on the CD. The track Such Great Heights is said to be recorded by The Postal Service. Although the original was by the Postal Service (amazing, check them out if you haven't yet), the original was an electronica song. The version on the Garden State is an acoustic folk song, and it's by Iron & Wine.

Samuel Bean is a singer-songwriter that performs/records under the name of Iron & Wine. I only have his first album,The Creek Drank the Cradle, but I want the others. I was listening to the album the other day while studying.
It's great background music. My favorite song is Upward Over the Mountain, with it's simplistic rhythm and soothing lyrics. It also has a slide guitar towards the middle and end, which I actually love. I found a really easy tab here (the song is basically Em C G D).

I guess I just found his music so soothing and even graceful. In the day of shock rock and pop princesses, Samuel Bean's music reminds me that you don't have to be Jimi Hendrix to make great music, and even one guy with a guitar can still blow people away. Check him out.

Indian/flamenco fusion

I can't wait to snowboard

It's almost winter (for real). I'm headed up north next week to board with my cousin. I'm excited.

"The other day I was playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died."

Steve Wright

Stop Motion Music

December 12, 2006

December 10, 2006

"To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kinda scary. I've wondered where this started, and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus and a clown killed my dad."

- Jack Handey

It won't solve the problem

click image to go to Tooth Paste for Dinner

December 9, 2006

So I forget things way too much. Before thanksgiving break I forgot my phone charger, and then when I returned to college I forgot my toiletries. This time I have shampoo etc. (because it was still here) but I forgot my phone charger and clothes. ugh. Someday I will learn.

December 8, 2006

Jamie Cullum

A few years ago I saw Jamie Cullum on Conan. He played the first single and title track off his album Twentysomething. The performance involved the UK native running around, playing standing up, jumping on his grand piano; really getting the crowd into it. That summer I happened upon his CD (while in Ames actually) and bought it. I loved it. His pop/jazz piano style caught my ear. It was jazz, but it had energy. And it was good.

Since then he has released another album, Catching Tales. In this album he brings out more of his crossover style. Rumor has it, Pharrell Williams recorded a few songs with Jamie, but somehow one of them ended up on Pharrell's CD, and none on Cullum's (wiki).

Another key part of Jamie Cullum's style is his use of covers. Multiple covers are found on his first release, and he plays at least one in every show. I would love to see him live, because I've heard he uses things like a stompbox (Australian toe tap box) and looping machines.

His website is also pretty sweet. You can download mobile wallpapers (UK only), gig posters, and stream just about all of his music. I would suggest going there for a good feel of his musical style, since myspace/purevolume don't have his best songs.

Check this guy out. I personally will be following his career, and buying tickets to his shows when ever he is in the US.

Self Stirring Mug

Random, but interesting.

"If Helen Keller had psychic ability, would you say she had a fourth sense?"

- George Carlin

I came upon another cool website today. It's called It's basically an online virtual iPod. Type the name of a band/song in the search bar on the iPod and it will pull up songs on the right. I have no idea where it gets them from, but oh well. You can stream from there. Sweet, if you ask me. If anyone figures out how to download the songs (legal or not), please let me know. Enjoy.

December 7, 2006

Dec. 22, 2006 the world is going to end! Oh, wait...

When a friend sent me a link to this website I just had to laugh. Global is not only slightly ridiculous, but way too politically charged. The idea is to get the entire world to focus their thoughts on Peace, during a state of high-energy (orgasm). Supposedly this will combat the high amounts of aggression and violence in the world. I've never seen any sort of mass meditation that worked, but if you have, think about joining the world in a "Synchronized Global Orgasm". Honestly, I hope it does work. The world could use a pick me up.

I for one, am going to use it as a nerdy pick up line. Think it will work? ;) Yeah, I didn't think so...

One of my friends has been franticly applying to graduate schools for the past few months. Since she wants to be a screenwriter, most of the grad schools asked for creative writing pieces. Here is a children's story she wrote. I think it's pretty good.

Sophie the Short
by Jill B.

Some people are born too early, and some are born too late.
Some people are born too big.

Sophie was born exactly when the doctor had predicted.
The problem with Sophie wasn’t that she was too big…

Sophie, in fact, was born too short.

In most families, Sophie wouldn’t have seemed too small,
But the fact was, the rest of her family was extremely tall.

Her mother could reach the very top shelf of her closet to pull down shoes.
Her father could touch the rim of their basketball hoop in the driveway.

Sophie’s brother, at ten, could take any book off the top library shelves.
And her sister, at only five, could put Christmas ornaments near the top of their tree.

Sophie could only sit in the corner of her extra-long crib and kick around her little legs.

As Sophie got older, her height didn’t quite seem to catch up with the rest of her family.
When she wanted to read a book, she had to stack all the books from the lower shelves just to reach the one she wanted on top.
When she wanted a cookie, she had to climb up a chair and pull herself onto the kitchen counter before she could even see the jar.

Whenever Sophie needed new clothes, the problem was the same every time.
Everything seemed as if it were made for a monkey, instead of a five-year-old girl.

Her sleeves hung down over her fingers, and her pants were five inches too long.
Her mother would hem her clothes every time, setting aside the pieces of cloth she cut off.

In family photos, the photographer would always cut off the heads of her family in order to get her in the picture.
At movies, she could never sit by herself in her seat because she couldn’t see over the one in front of her.
Sophie ended up having to sit on her mother’s or father’s knee instead.

“She’ll never be a ballerina, that’s for sure,” said her mother.
“She’ll never be a basketball player,” said her father.
“She’ll never be a model,” said her sister.
“She’ll never be able to even reach the top shelf!” said her brother.

When Sophie went to school for the first time, she found things weren’t much different.
Nobody would pick her to be on their team at school because she was so much shorter than them.
In art class, she couldn’t hang her pictures up on the wall with everyone else.

Sophie was sad. How could she like school when she wasn’t good at anything?

Sophie came home from school crying that day. When her mother saw her, she didn’t know what was wrong.
“Why are you crying, Sophie?” she asked.
“I can’t do anything everyone else can because I’m too short!” Sophie said.

Sophie’s mother felt bad for her daughter. What could she do to make her feel better about being short?

After dinner that evening, Sophie’s family sat in front of their fireplace and opened up their box of Christmas decorations to hang.
Sophie could only watch as her brother and sister helped their father string lights up the tree and hang garland around the ceiling.

“Would you like me to lift you up so you can put the star on top?” her father asked.
Sophie only shook her head no.

Her mother saw she was sad and opened up their piano bench to pull out a book of songs.
She sat down at the piano and told Sophie to come over to her.

“Why don’t we sing some carols for them?” her mother said.
Sophie’s mother played the Christmas songs on the piano, and soon, Sophie was singing along with her.

Her mother noticed that as Sophie sang, she became happier.
Sophie and her mother sang Christmas carols together until it was bedtime.

The next day, Sophie’s mother took her to a new building after school.
After climbing the tall stairs, Sophie entered a room filled with musical instruments and a piano.

“Hello!” the woman next to the piano said. “I’m Mrs. Jones, and I’m a music teacher. Your mother tells me you like to sing very much.”
“Yes,” said Sophie. “It’s my favorite part of school because I don’t have to be tall to do it.”
“Well, you’re right. Shortness isn’t a problem here,” said Mrs. Jones, smiling. “How big your voice is has nothing to do with how big you are.”

Sophie smiled and let Mrs. Jones lead her to the piano.
Every week after that, Sophie went to lessons at Mrs. Jones’s studio.

When Christmas came around next year, Mrs. Jones said she wanted to put Sophie in her Christmas concert.
She even gave her a solo.

Sophie’s mother took her shopping for a new Christmas dress to wear in the concert.
The sleeves and the hem of the velvet dress were still too long.

Sophie began to frown, but she didn’t say anything.
Her mother hemmed her dress like usual and kept the scraps.

Looking at the pile of scraps she’d collected from Sophie’s dress gave her an idea.
Sophie’s mother began to pour the pieces out onto her bed and arrange them.

The next evening, Sophie’s family was getting ready to leave for the concert when her mother pulled out a box.
“This is a present for our little star,” she said.

Sophie opened the box and pulled out a big quilt.
It was pieced together from scraps of many different kinds of fabric.
There were denim strips and cotton printed with flowers and even velvet

“What’s this?” asked Sophie’s father.
“I made this from all the pieces I’ve cut from Sophie’s clothing,” said her mother.

Sophie looked at the blanket and recognized many of the pieces from some of her favorite clothes.
“This is from my jeans!” she said. “And this is from my new Christmas dress!

“Yes,” said her mother. “I wanted to give you this because tonight is very special.”
“It is?” said Sophie.

“Mmm-hmm,” said her mother. “I wanted you to remember that height has nothing to do with what you can do. What matters is who you are and what you like. We’ve cut these pieces off your clothes because you’re short, but that’s not who you are. Your voice is.”

Sophie hugged her mother. “Can I take it with me tonight?” she asked.
“Of course,” said her mother. “Let’s go!”

And with that, Sophie and her family went to the concert, where Sophie had the biggest voice of all.

December 6, 2006

So I was just reading the quarterly magazine here at ISU, and I discovered blasphemy within it's pages. Apparently my favorite burrito place here in Ames, the Flying Burrito, is not healthy. Well, I guess I knew that, but I didn't realize how bad it is. The article was about drinking and eating, and it compared all of the popular late night snacks of ISU students. Everything from gyros, Jimmy Johns, pitas and the burrito were compared. The winner? BURRITO! That is, if by winner you mean the one with the most calories. Actually, it wins in every category, including deliciousness. It might have something to do with the act that one burrito is the size of two of my fists. Check it out, and just feel your arteries clogging. It's really too bad I can practically step out my front door to consume it's goodness. Rumor has it my friend Nimit spent over $100 in a week on burritos at $5.25 a pop. I feel sick just thinking about it.

One Burrito -


click image to go to

if i die in the next half hour, though, would you please inform the paramedics that the death was mango-related, and instruct my parents that my obituary should read, in part, "after a brief but persistent struggle with a mango, Emilia lost."

- Emilia

December 5, 2006

I Rule!

Ever since I started this blog, my bookmark icon has been messed up. All of my friend's blogs have the orange Blogger 'B' next to their URL or bookmark. But mine has had anything from a blank page to the Linux penguin.

But after some help from a friend, ISU public websites and, I managed to give my blog an icon. So today I an unveiling the new Rhythm of One icon. Tah-Dah! Enjoy.

"I'm screwed for finals. I blame the republican party"
- Josh

I'm Sick

I'm sick. And I'm not happy about it. I woke up today with a really bad fever and, in the words of John, some "rumbly-bumblies". I tried to make it to class, but I seriously felt like I was going to pass out. So I went back to bed, after emailing my professors and texting my friends. I eventually got out of bed around 4PM. My back still hurts a lot. For some reason anything involving my stomach causes my back to kill. So I barely got anything done today. I ache all over and all I want to do is sleep.

Being sick sucks.

December 4, 2006

The Gambling District

When a friend showed me the website Purevolume, a new door opened up for me. From time to time I search the site for random bands to listen to. I came upon this band one day, and I downloaded a few songs. They are an acoustic band with frequent emo lyrics. Their style is very defined, in the sense that I can put their music on repeat and just listen. Their songs are pretty similar, but not in a bad way. Plus I just like emo lyrics. If you haven't noticed, I've been posting lyrics from their songs lately. I enjoy. Reno is my favorite.

"Every relationship is messed up. What makes it perfect is if you still want to be there when things really suck."

- Carla on Scrubs

Battle of the Band's Albums

"Raise the stakes and you’re back in Reno
Pull the trigger and it’s all she’ll know
Going 45 on the way to church
Going so slow ‘cause you think about her."

-The Gambling District

What I've listened in the past few days:

  • +44
  • Quitedrive
  • Anberlin
  • Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Sigur Ros
  • The Album Leaf
  • The Gambling District

The Todd

December 3, 2006

File Icons

Ever wanted to change the icon for a file on your computer, but didn't like any of the one's Windows provides? Well, now you can make your own. My step-dad wanted icons for all of his folders to show the logo of the company, so he could find them faster. I searched for a while and figured out how to do it. It takes a few steps (10), but for people my age it's really quick. It took me less than five minutes to write this and convert an icon to show in a picture. For my parents though.... let's just say he got it eventually. So here's the process:

  • Find the picture you want
  • Crop it and re-size it to a smaller photo
  • Save it as a PNG file (paint will do this)
  • Pull up a web browser to
  • If you get an ad (I did once), skip it
  • Upload the file, and click convert
  • Download the file by clicking on the link
  • Right click (on the file the icon goes to) -> Properties
  • Click the Customize tab, then Change icon
  • Browse for the icon and select it
There you go! I made some icons for two web sites I'm working on currently. One is for the Campus Book Store in Ames (class project), the other is for my roommate's photo gallery. He likes xylophones. :)

Pumuar Came Home!

Let me tell a little story. Two years ago I was living with John/Jim/Nimit. One day while John and Nimit were taking the garbage out to the dumpster, they found three animals amongst the trash. They were not unlike the little mouse found a month earlier that caused John to shriek and run (no joke). Except, these animals weren't alive. They decided to bring them in (eww) and give them a home. So Jim came home that night to find three animals in an elaborate "position" on his bed. Thus began a new friendship with us and our new friends Caesar (at left), Pumuar and Gay Zebra. They lived with us for the remainder of the year. During the summer, John's GF took Gay Zebra to live with her little sister. She also renamed him Zippy, because apparently being gay around kids is a bad thing. The remaining two headed to John/Jim/Nimit's apartment the following year. I'm not sure when, but Caesar disappeared. Rumor has it he was kidnapped by our stoner friend Nick. Then Pumuar went to Jim's GF's house. We were left with out our friends. But a few days agao, Pumuar came home! He has taken up his usual spot next to the TV, watching over the living room. It's good to see old friends.

Behind the scenes with Weird Al's White & Nerdy

"If Helen Keller had psychic ability, would you say she had a fourth sense?"
- George Carlin

December 2, 2006

"I'm letting go of friendships; They're letting go of me"
- The Gambling District

Technology has spoiled me. I'm working on an online quiz for my Technical Communications class, over a chapter I read months ago. Basically, these quizzes were to be used as practice for the exams that we never had. So I never did them. Turns out we are still going to be graded on them. So I'm skimming a chapter that I read the second week of class, over topics that were never used in class. I really really want to just press Ctrl + F and search the textbook for the words I'm looking for. But I can't, 'cause its a textbook. Ugh.

A Day Late

One of my favorite bands is the Christian Rock band Anberlin. I've been putting off writing about them, because when I do I want it to be done well. They deserve a good post. Today is not that day. So instead, here is a video of one of their best songs A Day Late. Enjoy.

"If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is 'God is crying.' And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is 'Probably because of something you did.'"
- Jack Handey


Check out The Irritating Game. It's an online game that really drives you nuts, but still brings you back for more. The object of the game is to keep the bowling ball on the teeter-totter, while keeping the white ball up using the pong-like paddle. The problem is both of them are attached to the mouse so when you move the mouse right, the paddle goes right and the teeter-totter tips right. Check it out, my personal best is 30.41 seconds. I found that if I focused on the bowling ball first, and quickly moved the paddle to catch the white ball, I could last longer.

Also, check out Happy New Year 2005 by the same guy. Click the 'X' to begin. The 2004 bubble is controlled by your mouse. You must navigate through the maze without hitting the sides or a trap. I barely made it past the first section. I stink at mouse games. At the end of the maze is what looks to be a garbage can of trash. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's to get rid of last years "trash", like a bad metaphor.

Oh and these games look to be in French (maybe?), but you don't need to understand what it says to play.

Friends - 10 seasons in 90 seconds

December 1, 2006

I love the Facebook. It is easily one of my favorite sites on the internet. I'm constantly checking Facebook for no reason. I know it's bad, but I check a lot of sites. I like talking to my friends about nothing, and sharing funny pictures. I like joining groups about inside jokes and leaving wall posts on old friend's profiles. Facebook allows me to connect to all my friends; a real social phenomenon. But there is a downside to it. I've decided that there are very very few things someone could do that would make me feel ok about de-friending someone on the Facebook. I've actually never done it, as far as I can remember. But that means that I am still friends with my ex-girlfriends, ex-roommates and the like. Well, not so much on the ex-roommates; they de-friended me. But that means that with the news feed, and mutual friends, I see their presence. From time to time I see wall posts and picture tags that I don't want to see. After a bad day of work last summer I checked my email to find my ex-roomies were taking me to court and to top it off, I went to send them a message about it, and found we were no longer Facebook friends. In reality, I'm not going to get bent up about that. Honestly, we ended on bad terms. But it wasn't nice to see that after the long day I had. Every once in a while I see pictures of things I don't want to see, or wall postings that mention things I don't want to hear. The worst is when I find out things about girls that I like, that I didn't really want to know. It's like hearing something about your crush from a friend and not from her. It kinda ruins your day.

I don't mean to complain. But I wanted to show that even though I love the wonderful distractions the internet provides, it also can be the little thing that gets me down.

There's a fine, fine line between a lover and a friend;
There's a fine, fine line between reality and pretend;
And you never know 'til you reach the top if it was worth the uphill climb.

There's a fine, fine line between love
And a waste of time.

- Fine Line from the Broadway musical Avenue Q

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"Sex can lead to nasty things like herpes, gonorrhea, and something called relationships."
- Ali G

Indian Thriller

November 30, 2006

Apparently Firefox thinks my blog is linux based (see picture). For some reason my bookmark doesn't have the trademark Blogger "B" next to it. Weird.

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November 29, 2006


Narrator: Tobias listens to a day's worth of his own words, to see what Michael was referring to...
Tobias Fünke: [on tape] ... even if it means me taking a chubby, I will suck it up.
Tobias: Nothing wrong with that.
Tobias: [on tape] Oh, I've been in the film business for a while, but I just can't seem to get one in the can.
Tobias: It's out of context.
Tobias: [on tape] I wouldn't mind kissing that man between the cheeks.
Narrator: ...and he realized there is something distinct about the way he speaks.
Tobias: Tobias, you blowhard. [chuckles]
Yay, for Arrested Development!

One of my favorite shows is starting a new season tomorrow. Scrubs! It's on NBC at 8 central tomorrow. I'm excited. It's also on Comedy Central from 6-7, and another station (21 here in Ames) from 10:30-11:30 and channel 9 (in Ames) from 11-12.

Everyone should watch!

The wondrous internet giant that is YouTube is down. That is why my videos don't load. It's annoying, but when you control around half the internet movie viewing market, you gotta reboot sometimes. Just thought I would let people know.

November 28, 2006

CSS - Cansei de Ser Sexy

Cansei de Ser Sexy is an indie band from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The name of the band means "tired of being sexy" in English, and it is a reference to a Beyonce Knowles citation. The band is a mix of Alternative/Electronica/Powerpop. Five girls and one guy (bass) that make up CSS. They are on Subpop Records, along with the Postal Service, Iron & Wine, the Album Leaf and many others. Check them out on the links below. The youtube video is of their song Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above. Enjoy.

The Number 23

My roommate told me about a movie that he heard of called The Number 23. It stars Jim Carrey in a serious role. I liked The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, so I hope Mr. Carrey does a good job on this one too. The trailer looks interesting, but I'm not sure about the crazy/knife part. Check out the trailer below.

New Busted Tees Shirts

Busted Tees added some shirts. Enjoy.