August 28, 2006

Bitching and Moaning

Over the past few months I've been working on an album. Ok, I've really just been talking about it. But I have gone out and bought the bare minimum of stuff that I need to make it work. Or at least I thought I had. Turns out that after buying a $120 piece of software (cakewalk), it wont work on my computer. But I've been waiting to install it because I wanted to wipe my computer clean first (it's been having troubles). But since I've owned my laptop for 5 years, I seem to have lost that one particular CD that I need. Since I can't re-install windows XP and fix my computer, I decided to try installing Cakewalk, hoping that it works even though my laptop is acting funny/slow. It installs and works great, except I can't record. I can mix, add effects, and do everything else I would want to do. I just can't do the one thing I wanted to do.

I'm upset. And now I have to do homework. stupid school.

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