August 27, 2006

Nick Names

Today I logged into the faecbook, like do I do many many times a day, only to find an invitation to a new facebook group. Oh goody I think. No, no. Oh goody is not right. The newest group is for me, in a not-good way. It's for my newest nickname, and easily the worst one yet. So I thought I would finally list out all of the nicknames I've had over the years, because I can never remember them all. Keep in mind, most of them I dispise. Here goes:

  • Andrew
  • Andy
  • Andy-roo
  • Andy-drew
  • Brand
  • Brandy
  • Andy Brandy
  • Boyfriend
  • Humanzee
  • Divo (newest)
  • Princess
  • Princess Humanzee, Divo Humanzee etc.
  • The Mayor of Friendship-ville (yes my mother makes an apearance)
  • Big Andy
  • Andrew2
  • ADBrand
  • The Andy's (my roomate and I frosh year)
  • U-Haul

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