August 29, 2006

Drumset Woes

One of my favorite things in life is playing the drums. So this year I brought my electric drumset to the apartment. I was so excited, since I've never had a set to play at school. But now I'm not so excited. At home I have a room to put it in, that is far enough away from the bedrooms that I can play at anytime of the day. But here it's in the dining room and it is loud enough that you can here it anywhere in the apartment. So although I don't really need to, I try and play when no one is home. Unfortunately that never happens, except for at 8 in the morning. Then I have to deal with the neighbors I have underneath our apartment. I totally forgot about them when I was planning to bring the set. I also forgot that I basically slam my foor down on the ground everytime I hit the bass drum. At home that is fine, because the floor is cement, but her it kinda resonates through the floor.

The other day I was making lunch and I was using the George Foreman to grill something. It was going to be a little bit so I sat down to play the drumset for a minute max. After about ten seconds I hear two loud thuds followed by some garbled speech and a "Mother F*cker!" from downstairs. I still wonder what that ass could have been doing at one o'clock in the afternoon that need total silence for ten seconds. So now I'm not playing too much, and I think the set might be the first thing to go home. It makes me sad, but maybe I'll play my guitar more and finally do some legitimate work on the 'record'. We'll see...

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