September 27, 2006

Is there anyone out there?

I want to do a test. I really get the feeling that no one is actually reading this blog. That's ok, since anyone who has actually read it will know that there really isn't much substance here. It's more for me, and it's something fun for me to do while I'm not doing my homework.

So, if you are reading this - leave me a comment. anonymous or not, just leave some note. I'm guessing I'll get one note. So don't bother John, I know you read. You can skip this one, I'll give you a day off for being a good friend. Haha.


  1. Oh I'll comment whenever I damn well please!! : )

  2. Princess Humanzee ~ that's just straight up DIVO!

  3. I miss you, too. You'd better get ready for some killer chai tea at Uncommon.

    And of course people read your blog, silly. But it should be for you, not for us.