September 2, 2006

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One or two of my friends have read my blog and, as always, poked fun at
it. But they tend to do that about everything I do. So one person in
particular told me that it was boring and I was just bitching about
everyday things. Now I do my best to acknowledge my faults and I try to
do the same about the things I do. So I most definitely know what my blog it. I know I really have nothing interesting to say the majority of the time. I know that I tend to rant about useless ideas and whine about things that don't matter. I'm not pretending to be something I'm not. And now I am ranting about that.

Anyway, I'm going to write everyone a useless blog entry. And you are going to like it!

Today sucked. I didn't anything special. Koo and I worked out, but it didn't really feel like I got much out of it. Maybe that's because it's friday and I didn't want to lift heavy weights, but I knew I should or else the last three times I lifted would be useless. Why was I telling you this? Oh yeah. Because I'm listening to my favorite badn to fall asleep to, Sigur Ros, and thinking about how little I got done today. The only thing of substance that I did tonight was to skate all the way around campus, and attempt to record a song. I don't know how many of you know the band Snow Patrol, but they are a great band that, as always, a friend told me about. So their knew CD came out a few months ago and I still love it. I've decided that in order to have the ability to record my own songs, I should probably learn the software first. I decided tonight to concede and use the piece of crap program that I got off the net. But it was free, so... It's called Audacity. It worked alright. I decided that the song Chasing Cars was a good song to start on and layed down the click track with a few labels for when the chorus/verse/outro start. But I messed up the labels and ended up getting really mad at the program. It worked alright; but I messed up. Maybe tomorrow I can fix it and actually make a good track. What I made sounded good, so it might actually work. And I'll post it on My Account when I'm done. Then the whole world wont think that I suck musically. That would make me happy. And I know that one of my best friend's will like the song, and that would make me happier. Anyway, look forward to it and post some comments to cheer me on. That means you Koo, I know you read this!

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