October 31, 2006

Doug Little Quartet

My senior year of high school I was the drummer in the jazz band at my high school. I guess Doug Little is a friend of our band director. So for our first practice the DLQ came to play for us. Then we got to play with them a little. They talked about feeling the music. Things like playing in 12 measure phrases. They had us guess when 12 measures was, without counting. It was harder than you would think. But everyone of them had it ingrained into their brains. They ended up coming back so we could perform for them at the end of the year. I'm proud to say their drummer saw an improvement in me (I stink at jazz). After that I bought their album. I've seen them in concert twice now.

The thing that I liked the most about the band was the drummer. He was really good. He played a lot of irregular rhythms that would throw off an amateur musician really quickly. He also played in Doc Martens... So check out this jazz quartet from Minneapolis, even if you don't like jazz. I didn't either, until I heard Doug Little play.

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