October 11, 2006

In response to Anay's comment - Yes, the shower is fixed now. There is a hole in our living room ceiling, but at least I can shower now.

I've realized something interesting about the new shower though. The old one had a knob to change the pressure, but the new one doesn't. That's ok except, like everything else in our apartment, the shower head is broken too. It is usable, but clogged from the inpurities in the water. So with full pressure coming out of half the holes in the shower head it kinda hurts. I'm not complaining about that, because I can take it just fine. It's the odd breeze that it causes in the bathroom that weirds me out. Whenever you run the shower the curtain blows in. Like so far in that it hits the wall and water gets everywhere. I tried to shower this morning and got felt up by the shower curtain and blasted by the water pressure. But I was clean, so I was happy. :)

Plus I have the new Killers and Demetri Martin CDs!

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