October 27, 2006

IndieFeed Player *NEW*

If you haven't lived under a rock for the past year, you have probably heard of podcasts. Since they derived the name from iPods, many have video or photo slide shows to go with them. My personal favorite is by Mark Hoppus, the bassist for the now defunct Blink-182. His new band is with Travis Barker (Blink drummer and reality TV star), and it's called Plus 44. Check them out too.

Anyway, another podcast I found was called Indiefeed. Each podcast is a new song, by a new artist from around the world. I have yet to hear a band I already knew. Each track has a small intro that simply names the band and track, then the song, and then a little about the band and where to get the album. Right now they have 5 music podcasts and two spoken word. Here they are:

  • Alternative / Modern Rock
  • Blues
  • Electronica
  • Hip Hop
  • Indie-Pop
Also on their website, they have a media player for other bloggers. I took the bait, and installed it into my sidebar on the right. If it bothers people, I'll take it down. But I enjoy it, so there! Here is the website for the player. Open Grazr I got mine straight from the Indiefeed website.

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