October 22, 2006

Last night was pretty fun. The five of us went to one of my favorite restaurants, The Cafe. It's up Stange in Sommerset Village. I love the food there, and it changes every month or so. My friend Aaron works there, but didn't last night. So the guys (minus the semi-gay) sat together and the girls (plus the semi-gay) sat together. It was great having conversations about books, movies, music and politics. Of course, lots of food too. After that we went to Elyse's friend Elyse's house. Had some good drinks, and hung out with her cute dogs. Jim/John and I had a funny conversation that no one else heard. I'm kinda glad no one heard it, because they would have thought we were very strange. Something about a Penta-pus with a lobster-boy fetus? I didn't totally get it, but I luahged pretty hard anyway. After that we came home to watch a few episodes of Arrested Developement. Good show.

This morning I had another dream about Sarah. I miss her (obviously). Elyse and Kirby went home around noon. It was good to see her again.

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