October 15, 2006

Last night was sweet. I didn't think I was going to be doing anything, but Anay gave me a call ten minutes before the fashion show was supposed to start. We headed out there to check it out, and see Koo take some photos. It was pretty cool. The whole thing was at Club Element. The show was for RJZies clothes, and was sponsored by Bacardi Grand Mellon and Roaring Lion energy drink. We got there just after nine, and the thing didn't start until about ten thiry. Good thing though, 'cause I called my friend Jill and told her to come. She was out and got the message late, but since we thought it was going to start so early, she got there just before it started. I knew she would like it, since she loves LA/Hollywood. I had fun time hanging out with Anay/Tony/Kelly and watching good looking girls without feeling bad about it.

Look for Koo's pictures in the Daily on Monday. The Daily Photographer's camera was busted, so he got the only pictures. Lucky bitch.

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