October 17, 2006

LUDO got signed!

A few of you may have heard me talk about a band that I learned about this past summer. Sarah and I drove down to Des Moines to see them over the summer, and they rocked the house. The venue was a small bar, and the crowd came to see the headliner Will Hoge. He was great too. Check out his song Woman Be Strong on purevolume (click on his name). But Ludo was amazing! I got to stand right up next to the guitarist, and although there were only 15 people right next to the stage, I felt like I was part of a bigger concert. I could literally reach out and touch both the lead guitarist and the stacks. My right ear still rings to this day when ever I hear loud noises. That means everytime I play my drums, I am reminded of that concert.

The band has two CDs out, and is currently working on another. They update their Myspace and Purevolume pages every few weeks with the latest demo for the new album. Their full length is pretty good, but some of the songs are a litte strange/goofy. Two of them include song great monalogs in the middle. One about saving a girl from pirates, after vigilante-bushwacking through the jungle. The other is a rant to an ex-girlfriend that gets worse and worse as it goes on.

All of this is great and would make most people give them a chance, but their crowning achievement is their Broken Bride EP. This five song EP is a rock opera. It includes many genres that range from pop, metal, rock, and calm piano music. Here is what their Purevolume account has to say about it:

"BROKEN BRIDE: a new rock opera from Ludo

An epic love story told through music you have to hear to believe, "Broken Bride" is the story of a man (the Traveler) whose wife dies in a car accident in 1989. In deep mourning, he becomes obsessed with finding a way to go back and undo that day. After fifteen years of toil and isolation, he has built a machine to do just that. Miscalculations however, send the Traveler far off course and into an adventure spanning from the Dawn of Time to the Apocalypse. Confronted with unimaginable horrors, he longs only to return to that fateful morning in May, but ultimately finds himself faced with a terrible choice - between saving his wife and saving humanity.

With huge, hooky choruses and a relentless driving pace, Ludo jams a record store's worth of influences into five tracks of genre-bending narrative. "Broken Bride" is a 28-minute journey through time you'll want to take over and over again."

It really is a great album. And I'm guessing the main reason why they got signed by Island records last week. Now they will join the below artists. It should be very intersting to see how they grow with this new opportunity.

Bon Jovi
The Bravery
Daniel Bedingfield
Fall Out Boy
John McLaughlin
The Killers
Lionel Richie
Mariah Carey
Melissa Etheridge
PJ Harvey
Rev. Run
Sum 41
Under the Influence of Giants

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