October 3, 2006

The other day I played a semi-joke on one of my team members. His name is Ryan, and I just met him a few weeks ago when we started working on our 2 semester long senior project together. He actually run a little website called Cyber Net News that is updated many times a day, and features geeky things. If you like computers like me, you would enjoy the site. Anyway, the other day we were working on the project plan, and instead of asking everyone what their addresses were, for the document, Ryan decided to Google everyone's name to find their info. Little did he know another group member, Aaron Nordyke, used to be in a band. A fairly famous Chritstian band actually, named 38th Parallel. They made it pretty big few years ago with their biggest hit being a song called Horizon. I still see people with their t-shirts from time to time. It makes sense, since the band is from Ames and all. Anyway, Ryan stumbled apon a few websites that had Aaron's name on them. He thought that was the coolest thing, that Aaron had a rock star with his name. I think Aaron and I had him going for fifteen minutes, surfing the web for pictures and everything. I'm not even sure he believed us when we told him the truth.

So that's my story. It's mostly a shout out for 38th, and Cyber Net News though. Click on the picture for a link to 38th Parallel's music video on YouTube. I even saw the music set to Anime, which Aaron was astounded to see.

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