October 29, 2006

Rocky Horror Picture Show is on VH1 tonight. Of course, they are playing it at midnight, just before Halloween. Man, that takes me back. Back to times that were much simpler. A bunch of us watched that movie after a friend's grad party. It was a great night. It was the one night of the year when I felt like every girl thought I was cool. Every girl wanted to sit next to me (or on me) while we watched the movie, and I got to stay up late with one of the girls I had liked for years. I know that isn't much now, but back then that was huge. I remember not sleeping that night, and totally day dreaming about it later (long story). I guess I just get nostalgic sometimes. That was a good time though. I would have done so many things different, but only because I know better now. I certainly wouldn't have lost Jill, but I think that would have totally changed who I am, and I like who I am. I know one things I would have done better, and that is...

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