October 29, 2006

Shaun of the Dead

"A romantic comedy, with zombies."

If you like zombie movies, this is the movie for you. It's a spoof on the "Of the Dead" series. It's about Shaun, who is a British man working in a dead end job. His girlfriend decides that if they stay together she will be stuck in a rut for the rest of her life. If that wasn't bad enough, Zombies are invading. Of course, Shaun went out and got drunk with his best friend, and doesn't notice anything. No amount of TV bulletins, police sirens or shuffling, half-dead zombies can make him aware of reality. Eventually, Shaun realizes what is going on takes action to save his friends and family. But Shaun isn't a bright guy and he makes some mistakes. Subtle hilarity ensues.

It's a strange humor, and a little creepy. I enjoyed it though. So check it out!

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zombies were here...

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