October 14, 2006

Song 11


Verse ...........C Em F Am-G
Pre-Chorus..Em F (like howie day song she says)
Chorus.........F C G Am

C Em F
Sometimes I wonder, if I'm on the right path
Am G C
Through life's twisting stream
Em F
And I wonder, if I will ever
Am G C
Meet that girl I see in my dreams

Em -> F

I see you, you see me
G Am
But it's not what it could be
I see you, you look to me
But we still hide, so unhappy

em -> F

Years from now, We'll find a way
To find eachother
But it's ok, If you cannot/can't wait
To find eachother

BRIDGE (no chords yet)
We see, We're both unhappy
It seems, that's just the way that it will be

We'll meet again, you pick your clothes
To entice with what you wear
Your pretty smile, it shines on me
But I say "no" and you just stare

You haven't changed, I'm not the same guy
You had so long ago
You'll say "mistake", you can't
take it back, just like you took back your last name

em -> f

repeat chorus?

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