October 31, 2006

The White Iron Band

I got a CD of these guys from my oder step-brother, Sven. Yep, I come from a family with names like Sven, Nels, Neil, and Winfield. My twin and I got off easy with Andrew and Adam. Oh yeah, I have a twin. Anyway, this band frequents a lot of the bars in western suburbs of Minneapolis. I've never seen them live, but Sven has offered to take me out a few times. I guess you can describe them as hillbilly country-rock. I'm not a huge fan of that style of music, but I feel the need to cover local bands and independent bands. It's my service to the musical community. :)

The WIB Website Bio:

The White Iron Band is Good Timin', Foot Stompin', Honky Tonkin', Good Ol' American music with a familiar groove, but has a definite unique flavor. The band's roots extend from the Iron Range and the North woods of Minnesota to the neon downtowns of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and their varied experiences are reflected in their music. The White Iron Band distinctive style comes from a mix of commanding lead vocals, beautiful harmonies, bad ass guitar, pedal steel licks, double keyboards,melodic fiddle, and a driving rhythm section. These guys never fail to get people out of their seats and dancing all night.

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