November 21, 2006

Cyclones 5-0

The Cyclones roared to victory tonight against the University of Minnesota Gophers tonight! And I was at the game. It was my first visit to the U of M's basketball area, the Barn. Seriously, I'm surprised it is still standing. Just getting to our seats was an adventure, partially due to our upper deck tickets and partially because of the crazy walkways. We entered the building on the complete opposite corner from where our seats were, but decided to head upstairs right away. Bad idea. We ended up going up some stairs, down some more, through the crowd, back up some stairs. Crazy Barn...

Iowa State represented tonight. During one time out chants of "ISU!" were started and resonated from all corners of the building. The cyclones started out ahead, but were down by 3 (I think) at the half. Mike Taylor was on fire in the second half! He put up almost half of our points tonight (33), and 25 of them were in the second half. I watched him sink 3-pointers from 22-24 feet out. Rahshon Clark also scored a double-double, his fifth in his career.

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