November 4, 2006

I got a call from my mother today while I was at the rec. She left an interesting message on my voice mail. It went something along the lines of "Hi it's Mom. I was just calling to remind you there are people here that love you. Bye." Now, it wasn't that brief, but you get the idea. I guess maybe I should call home more...

But that wasn't what I was going to talk about. I was thinking about what my mother thought when I didn't call home for a few weeks. I mean, back when we were kids the only places I could go were my dad's house, my friend's houses, or school. When I got older I would walk to the next neighborhood over that had a few gas stations and a grocery store. OR I would ride my bike farther to rent a movie/video game. In all reality, I couldn't really get away. I couldn't go far. And since I didn't get my license until after I graduated (weird I know) I really didn't have a good form of transportation. Even in college all I had was a bus or my own two feet. But now that I've over 18 (and now over 21) I can go more places. I can't rent a car yet, but I can get a hotel room, buy a plane ticket or call a cab. I also have a car now, and my friends have them too. Back in high school we talked about taking road trips, but it never panned out. Now, my friends go on them all the time. Over spring break last year, four of my friends took a trip from Iowa to Denver to Las Vegas to San Fransisco through Salt Lake and back to Iowa. It took them 7 days, and they met some friends who flew to Vegas for a few days. I wish I could have gone, but I didn't have the money and I wanted to go home for a few days.

But what keeps me from doing that every weekend? For all she knows, I could actually be in Vegas right now, skipping classes and gambling my tuition money away. I wonder if my mother thinks that I do things like that. Or maybe she thinks that I'm going out to the bars every weekend, getting drunk and sleeping with countless numbers of women. Well, we all know someone like me doesn't (and pretty much can't) do that. She knows that I drink, or at least by alcohol, since she feels the need to open some of my mail, including my bank statements. I just wonder how real it is to her that I could one day call her from another continent, without telling her I was leaving the US. Back when I was dating Linsey I would make a few trips down to Iowa on the weekends. It was a nine hour drive, so I had to actually plan it, but I never really checked my plans with my parents. I just made sure they all knew I was going. Actually, the first time I went down to Iowa it was a spur of the moment and I didn't tell my mother. I just told my dad/step mom and left for my five day journey. This winter I was planning for a trip to Colorado, but that few through. I guess I drove to Des Moines to see Ludo last summer, but that doesn't count since I drive to and from Iowa multiples times a year anyway.

Ok, now I'm rambling and it's late. I'm giving up on this post and going to bed.

My Blogging has reached an all time low.
I hope no one reads this.

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