November 16, 2006

If you like Harry Potter, you might like this site. It's called Harry Loves Hermoine. The site was made a few years ago when the first movie came out. It's basically a fan site dedicated to Harry's supposed love for Hermoine. The weirdest part of the site is the creators recap of the movies. She takes stills from the movies, and adds text/quotes underneath. But the text skews the plot to point out the obvious oddities of the movies, like why so many people look really gross, how Harry always forgets Hedwig, or how in every movie some new character shows up that Harry should have been told about years ago. And of course, how Harry and Hermoine have an immense passion for each other. Unfortunately, she stopped after the third movie, but I still enjoyed flipping through 1-3.

Another site I found is called Potter Puppet Pals. It's exactly what it sounds like, a website about Harry Potter puppets. I was skeptical at first, but some of the videos are really funny. All the puppets have what Emilia calls "waggle-arms" and they do funny things like bothering Snape and shooting Voldemort with uzis. Dumbledore also likes to steal things and take off his pants. Strange... Check out the link for Emmy's Christmas Gift animation.

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