November 11, 2006

The Killers

Most people have heard of the band The Killers because of their pop radio success. Their first album, Hot Fuss, earned the group multiple awards as well as going three times platinum.

Since most everyone has heard of the Killers, I'm not going to tell you about them. You can check out the links below if you want to know more. But the band has a new album out called Sam's Town. The album is named after the Las Vegas casino Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall. I believe they played there before they were signed to Island Records. The album opened at #2 in the United States, #1 in Canada, and #1 in their home country of United Kingdom. I love their first single When You Were Young. The second single Bones was directed by none other than Tim Burton!

Personally I think the new album will never be as good as the last. That said, I still enjoy it a lot. When You Were Young is very catchy, and the rest of the album flows from there. It's different and it's good. Check it out.

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