November 8, 2006

Plus 44

When Blink 182 broke up, I had no idea what its members were going to do. I assumed they would stop making music and retire. What was I thinking?! Tom left the band to become the front man of Angels and Airwaves. Travis was, and still is in multiple bands. But what would Mark do? Well, he is still producing music and writing the bi-weekly podcast HiMyNameIsMark. Then I catch wind that Mark and Travis are making a new band called +44, or Plus 44. I got their first song No It Isn't and I loved it. Rumor has it, the Blink break up left some bad feelings between band members. I also heard the rumor that +44's first single was aimed towards Mark with lyrics like "this isn't just goodbye, this is I can't stand you".

Since then +44 has finished their record and started touring. It's hard to tell which of the many websites is the official one, but the link below says they started touring today. Their album When Your Heart Stops Beating drops in a few days on November 14th on Interscope Records.I for one am going to buy it the day it comes out.

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