November 7, 2006

String Cheese Incident

I just received an email from my friend that included a news article in it. I was surprised to read that the band String Cheese Incident was breaking up. But they aren't breaking up now, but at the end of the summer of 2007. I'm glad I saw them my senior year of high school, because I'm not sure I'll get out to see them again.

This band is a rock/jam band/bluegrass band that frequents the underground jam band circuit. They are heavily influenced by world music, and all members play multiple instruments at every show. Some other influences include calypso, country, funk, jazz, Latin, reggae, and sometimes psychedelia (wikipedia). I even heard them mix a song with a techno/electronic back beat on their Untying the Not. I actually heard of them and saw them in concert before I even started listening to the Dave Matthews Band, who tend to be the most popular jam band and the gateway band to the scene. Just like Dave, they release more live albums than studio albums. Despite their underground status, this band has done very very well for its self. Solely through word of mouth and bootleg MP3s, this band has survived for almost fifteen years. This is partially because at every concert you will see multiple bootleggers recording the set. Most of these bootlegs make it to the internet for anyone to download for free, usually with the corresponding set list. The band encourages this when ever the venue allows it. They have also played at many outdoor festivals such as Bonnaroo. I prefer their outdoor concerts, due to the heavy cloud of pot smoke that comes from the audience. ;)

Check them out before it's too late!

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