November 14, 2006

Two Random Thoughts

I've decided I need a girl who is as steeped into music as I am. Someone who will appreciate the subtleties of jazz to the down-home pride of country. A girl who will understand when I drop $50 on a few CDs but wont spend more than $6 for a burrito. Or how the most expensive thing I own is my drum set. Maybe someone who will enjoy learning about new bands every week, and never getting bored of the classics. My last girlfriend never really liked my music, but she did help give me an appreciation for country music. Looking back, I realize I should have shared my music more. Even if she hated it, I would have felt better. I've decided that will be something I do with future girlfriend(s). Music is my life, and I want to share that with someone.

I've always had this desire to quit school, move to New York, and live like a jazz musician. Barely making the rent, living in a tiny, dimly lit apartment, but surrounded by music. I would be in heaven. I wouldn't ever wish that on anyone because it would be so hard if it wasn't your thing. But I would be happy just to know there was a girl out there that thought that was cool. She wouldn't have to do it. Sometimes, when it is raining out and I have nothing to do, I put on some jazz and drift away. Just for an hour, I am in that dimly lit apartment. Practicing music that moves the soul, and waiting for my chance to shine.


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