December 3, 2006

File Icons

Ever wanted to change the icon for a file on your computer, but didn't like any of the one's Windows provides? Well, now you can make your own. My step-dad wanted icons for all of his folders to show the logo of the company, so he could find them faster. I searched for a while and figured out how to do it. It takes a few steps (10), but for people my age it's really quick. It took me less than five minutes to write this and convert an icon to show in a picture. For my parents though.... let's just say he got it eventually. So here's the process:

  • Find the picture you want
  • Crop it and re-size it to a smaller photo
  • Save it as a PNG file (paint will do this)
  • Pull up a web browser to
  • If you get an ad (I did once), skip it
  • Upload the file, and click convert
  • Download the file by clicking on the link
  • Right click (on the file the icon goes to) -> Properties
  • Click the Customize tab, then Change icon
  • Browse for the icon and select it
There you go! I made some icons for two web sites I'm working on currently. One is for the Campus Book Store in Ames (class project), the other is for my roommate's photo gallery. He likes xylophones. :)

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