December 2, 2006


Check out The Irritating Game. It's an online game that really drives you nuts, but still brings you back for more. The object of the game is to keep the bowling ball on the teeter-totter, while keeping the white ball up using the pong-like paddle. The problem is both of them are attached to the mouse so when you move the mouse right, the paddle goes right and the teeter-totter tips right. Check it out, my personal best is 30.41 seconds. I found that if I focused on the bowling ball first, and quickly moved the paddle to catch the white ball, I could last longer.

Also, check out Happy New Year 2005 by the same guy. Click the 'X' to begin. The 2004 bubble is controlled by your mouse. You must navigate through the maze without hitting the sides or a trap. I barely made it past the first section. I stink at mouse games. At the end of the maze is what looks to be a garbage can of trash. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's to get rid of last years "trash", like a bad metaphor.

Oh and these games look to be in French (maybe?), but you don't need to understand what it says to play.

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