December 13, 2006

Iron & Wine

Many of my friends own the Garden State Soundtrack, and love it. The interesting thing is how few people know there is a mistake on the CD. The track Such Great Heights is said to be recorded by The Postal Service. Although the original was by the Postal Service (amazing, check them out if you haven't yet), the original was an electronica song. The version on the Garden State is an acoustic folk song, and it's by Iron & Wine.

Samuel Bean is a singer-songwriter that performs/records under the name of Iron & Wine. I only have his first album,The Creek Drank the Cradle, but I want the others. I was listening to the album the other day while studying.
It's great background music. My favorite song is Upward Over the Mountain, with it's simplistic rhythm and soothing lyrics. It also has a slide guitar towards the middle and end, which I actually love. I found a really easy tab here (the song is basically Em C G D).

I guess I just found his music so soothing and even graceful. In the day of shock rock and pop princesses, Samuel Bean's music reminds me that you don't have to be Jimi Hendrix to make great music, and even one guy with a guitar can still blow people away. Check him out.

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