December 8, 2006

Jamie Cullum

A few years ago I saw Jamie Cullum on Conan. He played the first single and title track off his album Twentysomething. The performance involved the UK native running around, playing standing up, jumping on his grand piano; really getting the crowd into it. That summer I happened upon his CD (while in Ames actually) and bought it. I loved it. His pop/jazz piano style caught my ear. It was jazz, but it had energy. And it was good.

Since then he has released another album, Catching Tales. In this album he brings out more of his crossover style. Rumor has it, Pharrell Williams recorded a few songs with Jamie, but somehow one of them ended up on Pharrell's CD, and none on Cullum's (wiki).

Another key part of Jamie Cullum's style is his use of covers. Multiple covers are found on his first release, and he plays at least one in every show. I would love to see him live, because I've heard he uses things like a stompbox (Australian toe tap box) and looping machines.

His website is also pretty sweet. You can download mobile wallpapers (UK only), gig posters, and stream just about all of his music. I would suggest going there for a good feel of his musical style, since myspace/purevolume don't have his best songs.

Check this guy out. I personally will be following his career, and buying tickets to his shows when ever he is in the US.

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