December 17, 2006

Oh this makes me laugh. One of my friends just pointed out a website called Exposing Satanism. Now I don't believe in Satanism as a religion, and I am not interested in this website in the least, especially for the religious teachings. But the site includes an article called The Immaculate Conception as Perverted in the Pagan Harry Potter Books. As I read the article I became more and more disgusted at some of the people in this world. I've read the Harry Potter books many times each. I actually had the sixth book (out of seven) the day it came out, and read it twice in 24 hours. I obviously had very little to do and too much time on my hands. So I like to think that I know a little about this series of books. I haven't seen signs of a "hidden gay agenda", "the anti-christ" or "sexual congress with goats". I'm sorry, but this lady has a few nuts loose. Plus she also states that Hilary Clinton is a Freemason like it's a well known fact. The whole article is just funny because it is so out there.

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  1. Dude, I still think it was a joke.