December 3, 2006

Pumuar Came Home!

Let me tell a little story. Two years ago I was living with John/Jim/Nimit. One day while John and Nimit were taking the garbage out to the dumpster, they found three animals amongst the trash. They were not unlike the little mouse found a month earlier that caused John to shriek and run (no joke). Except, these animals weren't alive. They decided to bring them in (eww) and give them a home. So Jim came home that night to find three animals in an elaborate "position" on his bed. Thus began a new friendship with us and our new friends Caesar (at left), Pumuar and Gay Zebra. They lived with us for the remainder of the year. During the summer, John's GF took Gay Zebra to live with her little sister. She also renamed him Zippy, because apparently being gay around kids is a bad thing. The remaining two headed to John/Jim/Nimit's apartment the following year. I'm not sure when, but Caesar disappeared. Rumor has it he was kidnapped by our stoner friend Nick. Then Pumuar went to Jim's GF's house. We were left with out our friends. But a few days agao, Pumuar came home! He has taken up his usual spot next to the TV, watching over the living room. It's good to see old friends.

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