December 21, 2006

Weekend in Souptown

I just got back from my trip up to Duluth. Actually I was in Wisconsin, in the town of Superior which is just across the border from Duluth. I was visiting my cousin Ben, and enjoying free lift passes (pass-holder's appreciation week rules!). I had a great time. But my trip was cut short due to a high speed belly flop onto my arm/wrist. I then managed to fall on my wrist again less than ten minutes later while trying to ride switch (backwards) and take a picture of my cousin. I decided I was done for the day, which turned into done for the week. I'm doing my best to wear a brace and not use my left hand, so I can get back to boarding/drumming/guitaring etc as soon as possible. But at least I wasn't the other Andy. I saw him on the hill just hours before he broke his collarbone. Poor guy.

Other than that, I met a ton of people, went to a Black & White party, de-virginized myself with Beer Pong and Flippy Cup (finally), watched movies with the girls and generally had a good time. Here's pretty much the only good picture we got of me, boardsliding the only box there. I actually fell on this attempt, but made it even with a hurt wrist (bad idea, I know). Hopefully we'll get some more photos next week when Ben comes back to the cities. If you have the Facebook, you can check on the album I made, but it's being annoying and wont let you view most of the photos. I'll keep working on it.

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