September 16, 2006


I hate computers. And I'm studying to be a computer engineer; odd isn't it?

I've had my little Fujitsu Lifebook for over 4 years, and it's getting old. Actually, really old. In computer years it's going on 200 years old, since obsolete is just under two (i think). But I love my little (10.6" screen, 3.4 lbs) laptop anyway. Sometimes it's slow, but it's ultra portable.

The other day I took advantage of the student pricing on the Adobe Creative Suite which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, GoLive, and Acrobat for under 20% the suggested price. Great Deal! So I bought it, and decided to install it just after reinstalling Windows (completely erases everything). I tried to install it this morning and it gave me an error. It said I didn't have the 384MB of RAM needed. I thought I bought 512, so I was surprised when it said that I only had 368MB. After some searching, it turns out they never made an upgrade to 512, only to 384. So that's what I had. After more searching I found out the processor I have take 16MB for it's own. So I can't install Adobe. The worst part is the package didn't have any minimum requirements on it, so I had no idea of this before I started.

So now I'm out $200 dollars on a program that I can't use. And I was thinking of buying a Mac, which makes the software package even more useless.

September 15, 2006

Untitled as of Yet

Title: Untitled as of Yet
Artist: The Truth About Steve

Capo 4
G Cadd9
G A7sus4

Crack the case, we hit the road
Long journey, won't be alone
A bear of fuzz, a fuse burned out
just a feeling, just a nine in the clouds

You're perfect for this life
(and) the Mews is alive tonight
no place to stay, no where to go
Buy I'll never miss your show

In spattered paint and crimson lace
A smile appears on your pretty face
Beautiful as you walk away
All I want is for you to stay

Your voice still rings in my ear
In my dreams your face appears
We talked of a Broken Bride
I know I told you, at lest I tried

I know you, but do you know me
Are we where we're supposed to be
Wath you grow, when will you learn
All is lost in our sunrise return


[break down]

In spattered paint and crimson lace
A smile sneaks across my face
Beautiful any time of day
All I want is for you to stay

You're beautiful in every way
And I know you wont stay

September 11, 2006


My old pal Art just made a new group on the wonderful procrastination tool that is Facebook. It's for our old 'group' freshman year of college called the Council of 3310. I'll get a link to it if I can. 3310 was john/phil's room on the floor Stevenson. It was the biggest room, so we hung out there late at night when we should have been studying. Good times and Lotza Trees. I guess it's funny thinking about that place. Mainly it was just me, John, Phil, Jake, and Art but many other people stopped by or partied there. It's weird because everyone is kinda split. John graduated, Phil got married and dropped out, Jake still lives in the dorms, Art transfered to Boston. Even other people who stopped by are gone. Linsey and I broke up, Kristi transfered to U of I, Nimit is in Italy, Mueler dropped out, Zack dropped out, Jeremy dropped out. Jim and I have lived to together and still do, and NicK Marcus still live together too. It's so crazy to think that less than 3 years ago we were all living on the same floor, and saw eachother every day! I miss that. Not a care in the world. Nothing but long discussions about masturbation, time-travel sex, bitching about classes, Conan-isms, the Wall, the quote book, crawling into john's bed while he was trying to sleep, flipping the couch over while john was sleeping on it, jake brushing his teeth while talking, prank wars, and a LOT of dudity. I've grown up way too much since then. Way, way too much.

Good times.