October 14, 2006

Song 11


Verse ...........C Em F Am-G
Pre-Chorus..Em F (like howie day song she says)
Chorus.........F C G Am

C Em F
Sometimes I wonder, if I'm on the right path
Am G C
Through life's twisting stream
Em F
And I wonder, if I will ever
Am G C
Meet that girl I see in my dreams

Em -> F

I see you, you see me
G Am
But it's not what it could be
I see you, you look to me
But we still hide, so unhappy

em -> F

Years from now, We'll find a way
To find eachother
But it's ok, If you cannot/can't wait
To find eachother

BRIDGE (no chords yet)
We see, We're both unhappy
It seems, that's just the way that it will be

We'll meet again, you pick your clothes
To entice with what you wear
Your pretty smile, it shines on me
But I say "no" and you just stare

You haven't changed, I'm not the same guy
You had so long ago
You'll say "mistake", you can't
take it back, just like you took back your last name

em -> f

repeat chorus?

October 13, 2006

Tonight I'm just watching Drumline (I know, I know) and playing a few online games. If you ever get bored somewhere that has a computer, check out Addicting Games. I played the mini putt game years ago, and then forgot about it. Of course, I saw someone playing it during class ther other day. I found another completely useless and stupid game called Boneless Girl. It reminded me of a program that we used in Physics class back in High School. Only we made our guy get hit by a car at 100 miles per hour...

October 11, 2006

In response to Anay's comment - Yes, the shower is fixed now. There is a hole in our living room ceiling, but at least I can shower now.

I've realized something interesting about the new shower though. The old one had a knob to change the pressure, but the new one doesn't. That's ok except, like everything else in our apartment, the shower head is broken too. It is usable, but clogged from the inpurities in the water. So with full pressure coming out of half the holes in the shower head it kinda hurts. I'm not complaining about that, because I can take it just fine. It's the odd breeze that it causes in the bathroom that weirds me out. Whenever you run the shower the curtain blows in. Like so far in that it hits the wall and water gets everywhere. I tried to shower this morning and got felt up by the shower curtain and blasted by the water pressure. But I was clean, so I was happy. :)

Plus I have the new Killers and Demetri Martin CDs!