November 11, 2006

The Killers

Most people have heard of the band The Killers because of their pop radio success. Their first album, Hot Fuss, earned the group multiple awards as well as going three times platinum.

Since most everyone has heard of the Killers, I'm not going to tell you about them. You can check out the links below if you want to know more. But the band has a new album out called Sam's Town. The album is named after the Las Vegas casino Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall. I believe they played there before they were signed to Island Records. The album opened at #2 in the United States, #1 in Canada, and #1 in their home country of United Kingdom. I love their first single When You Were Young. The second single Bones was directed by none other than Tim Burton!

Personally I think the new album will never be as good as the last. That said, I still enjoy it a lot. When You Were Young is very catchy, and the rest of the album flows from there. It's different and it's good. Check it out.

November 10, 2006

The Bu

Last year I was introduced to the Lonely Island Boys. The Lonely Island Boys are a comedy/film making trio made up of Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg. At one time FOX asked them to film a pilot for their show Awesometown, but the show was canceled. A video spoof of the Ying-Yang Twin's song Wait (The Whisper Song) can also be found on the site. It is called the Bing-Bong Brothers. Recently they joined Saturday Night Live as actors and writers. There have been rumors they are working on their first full-length movie Hot Rod.

My favorite short on their site is the first episode of The Bu. The Bu is a spoof on the show The OC. They describe it as "Young, sexy people that live in Malibu call it The 'Bu, because when you say the entire word, it takes time, and then you wouldn't be young anymore." Many of the episodes also star Sarah Chalke from Scrubs. In some of the following episodes Sarah's character was replaced by a puppet, and then a man in a wig. I heard this is because Sarah was busy with Scrubs and they still wanted to continue the series. The first episode features an introduction to the two main characters, as well as Frazzles the squirrel. It's the only episode that is in 3-D. Hilarity ensues.

Oh yeah. Check out this Meebo article on Cybernet News.

Meebo Surpasses 500,000 Users

Or the Meebowiki for info on how they are translating Meebo into other languages.

Or the Meebo Forums.


I found this great website called Meebo. It allows you to sign into your account for any, or all, of the following networks:

  • AOL Instant Messanger
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • Google Talk
  • MSN Messenger
  • ICQ
  • Jabber
The best part is that you don't have to download anything. Since this is a problem on many public/campus computers, many have a block on downloading and installing anything. But just like the Gmail chat option, Meebo allows you to chat right inside your internet browser. You can even sign up for a Meebo account that allows you to use one password to sign into all of your chat services. The site is totally safe, because all passwords are "encrypted with 1024-bit RSA keys". According to their blog, on November 7th they had 1.1+ million logins and moved about 66 million messages. That is incredible! They also have multiple languages, and the ability to pop your buddy lists out of the main window (provided you keep the Meebo site open.

The Meebo team also has a few other neat products. The Meebo Map (see picture) shows a world map with dots where the most instant messages have been sent using Meeboo in the last fifteen minutes. They also have the Meebo Me Widget which allows anyone who visits a website talk directly to the maker of the site, provided the maker is on the site. This could be good for people who want to talk to their customers/readers one on one, without giving out their chat screen name. I'd install one, but I really don't have time to sit on my website all day. Plus I'm sure my friends would send me some wonderful anonymous messages. ;)

November 9, 2006

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline (K-Fed) are getting divorced. Now they are calling him Fed-X. That makes me giggle.

One of my friends has made a blogger blog with two of his friends called The Neverending Bloggy. The idea is that whenever one of them feel like it, they can go on the blog and post the next portion of the story. It's like the game we played on road trips in high school. We would pass around a sheet of paper and each person would add one sentence to the story. Bad example, but you get the idea. The latest post was written during out Senior Design class. The man in the story is our teacher Prof. Lamont. Anyway, enjoy.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Sacha Cohen has hit it big! The British comedian's latest work, the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, was a huge box office smash. It grossed $26.5 million dollars!

Everyone should go see this movie, provided they have a sense of humor. The movie is very very funny, but also very offensive. The character Borat seems to offend everyone from Jews to feminists to the entire female gender. That said, I enjoyed it immensely. There was one part of the movie that I cannot even try to explain, but afterwards my jaw hurt from laughing. Best movie I have seen in the past few months.

November 8, 2006

What wonderful product placement.

It says "For Strong, Healthy Teeth. IAMS".

Plus 44

When Blink 182 broke up, I had no idea what its members were going to do. I assumed they would stop making music and retire. What was I thinking?! Tom left the band to become the front man of Angels and Airwaves. Travis was, and still is in multiple bands. But what would Mark do? Well, he is still producing music and writing the bi-weekly podcast HiMyNameIsMark. Then I catch wind that Mark and Travis are making a new band called +44, or Plus 44. I got their first song No It Isn't and I loved it. Rumor has it, the Blink break up left some bad feelings between band members. I also heard the rumor that +44's first single was aimed towards Mark with lyrics like "this isn't just goodbye, this is I can't stand you".

Since then +44 has finished their record and started touring. It's hard to tell which of the many websites is the official one, but the link below says they started touring today. Their album When Your Heart Stops Beating drops in a few days on November 14th on Interscope Records.I for one am going to buy it the day it comes out.

November 7, 2006

String Cheese Incident

I just received an email from my friend that included a news article in it. I was surprised to read that the band String Cheese Incident was breaking up. But they aren't breaking up now, but at the end of the summer of 2007. I'm glad I saw them my senior year of high school, because I'm not sure I'll get out to see them again.

This band is a rock/jam band/bluegrass band that frequents the underground jam band circuit. They are heavily influenced by world music, and all members play multiple instruments at every show. Some other influences include calypso, country, funk, jazz, Latin, reggae, and sometimes psychedelia (wikipedia). I even heard them mix a song with a techno/electronic back beat on their Untying the Not. I actually heard of them and saw them in concert before I even started listening to the Dave Matthews Band, who tend to be the most popular jam band and the gateway band to the scene. Just like Dave, they release more live albums than studio albums. Despite their underground status, this band has done very very well for its self. Solely through word of mouth and bootleg MP3s, this band has survived for almost fifteen years. This is partially because at every concert you will see multiple bootleggers recording the set. Most of these bootlegs make it to the internet for anyone to download for free, usually with the corresponding set list. The band encourages this when ever the venue allows it. They have also played at many outdoor festivals such as Bonnaroo. I prefer their outdoor concerts, due to the heavy cloud of pot smoke that comes from the audience. ;)

Check them out before it's too late!

I found a cool blog, during my search for something. It's called the Gaping Void. The blogger who runs it also draws cartoons for the back of business cards and does marketing for a small South African vineyard. I think they are pretty funny. He even has a widget to post on your own blog, that shows his latest cartoon. I may or may not put that up, but we'll see. Here's a few of my favorite cartoons. Check out his site below.

Bloc Party

I have to thank Sarah again for this one. It's everyone's favorite indy rock band from London! Ok, maybe not. Many people have not heard of Bloc Party, but they should have. I have their debut album Silent Alarm and I love it. I've been listening to it even more in the past few days. The entire CD is energetic. It starts with Like Eating Glass (my favorite) and the energy continues all the way through the other eight songs. I really want their second album, Silent Alarm Remixed which is exactly what it sounds like. They have also released multiple EPs, and the "digital only" album Two More Years.

Everyone should check out Bloc Party. Provided you like true indy music, they won't disappoint.

Band Website | Wikipedia | Purevolume | Myspace
bloc party was here

November 6, 2006

Check out Married to the Sea. It's the daily webcomic by the cartoonists for Toothpaste For Dinner and Natalie Dee. Funny stuff.

The revolution must come from within. The people shouldn't be afraid of their government. The government should be afraid of their people.

- My friend John

November 5, 2006

Baby Laughing