November 18, 2006

The Pilfers

Honestly, I know very little of the Pilfers. I know they have basically no website next to their Myspace Account and some random mentions in other people's blogs/message boards. I know I got the song Legal Shot Pam Pam from one of my friends years ago. They are part of a genre they like to call "raggacore" which mixes ska, reggae, and hardcore from the undergrounds of the New York ska scene. The band has broken up, in 2001 actually, so it makes no sense why they have a Myspace account. But check it out for a few downloads of their hits. Enjoy..

Phone - Charger = Sad Andy

So I was stupid, and I forgot my cell charger at my apartment, four hours away. That's not good, because I use my phone while I'm home even more than I use it at school. That's a lot. And I don't really have the money to go spend thirty dollars on a new one just to use it for a week. Ugh. So, if anyone reads this, tell everyone else that I have no phone for the break.

November 17, 2006

November 16, 2006


+44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating

+44's new album came out on Tuesday, and I finally made it to the store to buy it today. So far I've listened to the entire thing all the way through once, and I am currently going through again. It's really good; Definitely my style. Imagine the refined style of the last Self titled Blink 182 CD, with less pop and more synth. Travis actually recorded much of the album using V-drums, which are electronic drums made by Roland. So the drums are much more grand and present many different sounds. Although I've never heard of the other two members are, I get the feeling the aren't a huge part of the band. Travis and Mark seem to have molded their styles, as I can feel their influences. And they did a great job.

The first thing I noticed when I popped in the CD was the rock feel, Travis' complicated but driving beats, and Mark's heart string lyrics. This feeling continues through the entire album. I had already heard No, It Isn't before, but the album version had another verse and more drums. Two other songs really stuck out to me the first time I heard them. Make You Smile is a duet with Hoppus and . Weatherman is a revert from the typical "i miss/want you" to the "I don't really care about you anymore". Lines like "I never meant to say I've sorry" and "Every now and then I fee the end of us" just prove that Mark Hoppus has many more album ideas to share with his fans.

Fun Fact: The name +44 comes from the United Kingdom dialing code where Hoppus and Barker first discussed the project.

Courtesy of

The guys, and girls, at College may give out this award a little too frequently, but their latest find is a great one. This man isn't actually a man, he's a group of men. Nine to be exact. When their parents bough them a 2.4 million dollar house, they all wanted to live there. But the nine students all attend Georgetown University, and local zoning law states that no more than six unrelated residents are allowed to live in a house unless they are part of a religious community. So what did they do? They went down to the local court house, filled out some forms, and became "The Apostles of O'Neill". The locals aren't too happy, and say it is a disgrace to to religion and a mockery of the zoning laws. Personally, I think it's awesome.

Check out the article here

The new Plus 44 album When Your Heart Stops Beating came out yesterday. Did you go buy it? Well?! Did you?!

If you like Harry Potter, you might like this site. It's called Harry Loves Hermoine. The site was made a few years ago when the first movie came out. It's basically a fan site dedicated to Harry's supposed love for Hermoine. The weirdest part of the site is the creators recap of the movies. She takes stills from the movies, and adds text/quotes underneath. But the text skews the plot to point out the obvious oddities of the movies, like why so many people look really gross, how Harry always forgets Hedwig, or how in every movie some new character shows up that Harry should have been told about years ago. And of course, how Harry and Hermoine have an immense passion for each other. Unfortunately, she stopped after the third movie, but I still enjoyed flipping through 1-3.

Another site I found is called Potter Puppet Pals. It's exactly what it sounds like, a website about Harry Potter puppets. I was skeptical at first, but some of the videos are really funny. All the puppets have what Emilia calls "waggle-arms" and they do funny things like bothering Snape and shooting Voldemort with uzis. Dumbledore also likes to steal things and take off his pants. Strange... Check out the link for Emmy's Christmas Gift animation.

November 15, 2006

Pink Spiders

"Catchy blasts of bubblegum angst." -Blender Magazine
A pop rock band from Nashville? Who knew? The Pink Spiders first caught my ear when I heard them on the radio. Their song Little Razorblade is very catchy. A few months later I got a hold of a sampler CD of their full length album Teenage Graffiti. The other song, Modern Swinger is also just as catchy, poppy, and good. They also sound a little like Fall Out Boy, in the sense that their lyrics take a few listens to understand, but they are still witty (see below). They may be bubblegum power-pop, but they also have an edge to them. I love the two songs I have, and look forward to get the rest of the album. Oh yeah, and their music video has rollerskating babes, a 20 foot screen showing the band's name, and a lot of pink. Retro.

Shes out of luck and out of hope and out of cigarettes
misunderstood with naked pictures on the internet
her social deviance is teasing me I know what I want

and Im really gonna really let her know (woah)
that I like her but I just dont care enough
to fool around with love

yeah my babys pretty as a car crash
sexy as the stinger of a hornet in your arm
just another modern swinger
screaming catch me if you can with a cigarette in hand
and it’s love
its heavy and it hurts and its love

strung out on blow she doesnt know why shes not feeling good
dropped out of school and now shes moving out to Hollywood
her reckless decadence is taking things a little too far

and Im really gonna really let her know (woah)
that I like her but I just dont care enough
to fool around with love

yeah my babys pretty as a car crash subtle as a splinter
yeah my babys smooth as sandpaper warm just like the winter
screaming catch me if you can with a cigarette in hand
and its love
its heavy and it hurts and its love

staring at my shoes thinking of something to say
but nothings better than what silence is saying
when every time I turn around shes always looking away
its just the nature of the game that we're playing

And I think I’m tapping out,
I think I’m gonna skip the title bout

- Modern Swinger by The Pink Spiders

It is a sad, sad day. I filled my iPod, and now I have to choose what music I want to listen to.

- Andrew

Food keeps your pants up

Emilia: maybe i should give up on eating.
Emilia: it's so much work.
Me: maybe, but then your clothes wouldn't fit
Emilia: - true.
Me: food keeps your pants up

November 14, 2006

Threadless T-Shirts

A year ago I was searching for t-shirts online when I found this site. Threadless is first and foremost an online store. But where it gets it's products from is the most interesting part. Anyone can sign up for an account, and then submit their own designs. Other users are then encouraged to vote on the uploaded designs and the highest rated designs get printed every week. That means their inventory changes weekly. If there is a design you like, but they are sold out it, you can request a reprint. If enough people ask for a reprint, they do so. I signed up for the weekly emails, and I'm glad I did. I love many of their designs, but without the email they would sell out before I knew they even existed. I also saved a few photos from their site and set them as the background on my cell phone. They are that good.

Also, if you are a fan of the TV show Scrubs, you might recognize some of the shirts from the show. Zach Braff has worn a few of their t-shirts on the show. I also own a few of their shirts, and I love them. People always ask me where I got them and who makes them. I always get a funny look when I look at the tag of my shirt and tell them exactly who designed it!

My roommate showed me this website a few months ago. It is run by one of his good friends from high school, Ross Feighery. Ross is a very good photographer. He has been published in a few places, including the Chicago Tribune. He recently updated his website and I love some of his new photos. In the site he has five different sections of photos - Outdoors, People, Concerts, Action and Debris. My favorite is the concerts section. Some of these photos are amazing! You can even buy prints of his work. Check out some of his photos, and his website below.

Two Random Thoughts

I've decided I need a girl who is as steeped into music as I am. Someone who will appreciate the subtleties of jazz to the down-home pride of country. A girl who will understand when I drop $50 on a few CDs but wont spend more than $6 for a burrito. Or how the most expensive thing I own is my drum set. Maybe someone who will enjoy learning about new bands every week, and never getting bored of the classics. My last girlfriend never really liked my music, but she did help give me an appreciation for country music. Looking back, I realize I should have shared my music more. Even if she hated it, I would have felt better. I've decided that will be something I do with future girlfriend(s). Music is my life, and I want to share that with someone.

I've always had this desire to quit school, move to New York, and live like a jazz musician. Barely making the rent, living in a tiny, dimly lit apartment, but surrounded by music. I would be in heaven. I wouldn't ever wish that on anyone because it would be so hard if it wasn't your thing. But I would be happy just to know there was a girl out there that thought that was cool. She wouldn't have to do it. Sometimes, when it is raining out and I have nothing to do, I put on some jazz and drift away. Just for an hour, I am in that dimly lit apartment. Practicing music that moves the soul, and waiting for my chance to shine.


November 13, 2006

Check out this online game called Run Run. All you do is jump over things, but it's strangely addicting. Enjoy.

Want to know which colleges maximize the fun while minimizing effort? Lucky you! College Humor's 2006 Power Rankings are out! The Power Rankings rate colleges around the nation on the following categories:

  • Percent Female
  • SAT Score (25th percentile)
  • Number of Boobie Pictures on CH
  • Drug Interest
  • Director's Cup Rank
  • Percent Greek
  • Free Condoms?
  • Male Vocal Groups
  • Bars Close at
  • Visiting Band's Billboard Peak
  • Percent of Girls in Relationships
Then using a complicated equation (which they actually included) an overall score for each school is calculated. Michigan State University came in first, followed closely by Indiana University. Iowa State came in 37 out of 50. I'm happy with that.

November 12, 2006



My friend Ryan told me about this cool website. You upload a photo, and a few minutes later it pops out a mosaic of that photo. It uses all the pictures from the photo sharing site Flickr. It's very nice. Enjoy.