December 25, 2007

Another Year Gone By.

Yep, I stole this from my friend's blog.

1. What did you do in 2007 that you'd never done before?
Graduated college. Go a real job. Recorded something that didn't suck.

2. Did you keep your New Years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I never remember what mine are for longer than a week, so let's assume I didn't. I wont be making more.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?

4. Did anyone close to you die?
Yes, my grandpa Don and my grandma Anne. It's been a tough few months for my family.

5. What countries did you visit?
USA. Iowa.

6. What would you like to have in 2008 that you lacked in 2007?
As always, some sort of girlfriend thingy. I'm not picky, just something! (ugh)

7. What date from 2007 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
Etched? December 15th, the day I graduated, didn't go to the ceremony, broke into an apartment and drove home, but still had to wait 4 days to see if I really did graduate.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Getting a real job.

9. What was your biggest failure?
Not getting out and doing more things.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Last winter I messed up my wrist something awful while snowboarding. I fear that it will always hurt when I lift weights, and hopefully it wont hurt when I play guitar/drums when I get older.

11. What was the best thing you bought?
My Mac computer.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
I think many of my friends did something worth praise.
John - Although I didn't see him a ton, I couldn't believe how well he took the bomb that was dropped on him this fall. Also, Emilia - I know very few people who could pick up and move like that.
Anay - Found himself a good women. I never thought it would happen.
My Mom - for finally thinking that my brother could move out, even if it fell through.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
Sarah. Her behavior seems to effect me more than it should.

14. Where did most of your money go?
TUITION. My Mac. My car finally got fixed. I finally started drinking at bars more.

15. What did you get really, really excited about?
The final book and the 5th movie. The MoM album release, as well as Motion City Soundtrack, Bloc Party, Anberlin, Jimmy Eat World, Angles & Airwaves, Paramore, Mae, Snow Patrol, +44.

16. What song will always remind you of 2007?
I have no idea.

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
i. happier or sadder? I'm not sure. I feel like a better person in some ways, but not in others. One sad reality is sinking in, as well as the friends that I have lost in the past few months. But I feel as though I'm headed in a good direction.
ii. thinner or fatter? Thinner actually. It's not good.
iii. richer or poorer? Well, poorer, but very shortly I'll be much much richer.

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
gone out while it was still warm out. Laughed more. Seen my friends more, even the ones out of state.

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
Sat in my dorm alone. missed the bus. Bitched at my friends for things that I should have seen coming.

20. How will you be spending Christmas?
With Family, at home. Hopefully I'll see a few more friends too.

22. Did you fall in love in 2007?
Sadly, no.

23. How many one-night stands?
None this year.

24. What was your favorite TV program?
Ha! Beauty and the Geek. Or How I Met Your Mother. (Oh Swarley!)

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
I am now able to see people's faults, which is both good and bad.

26. What was the best book you read?
I think I only read 10 or so books this year. Most of them were HP. I'd have to say Deathly Hallows, or The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

27. What was your greatest musical (re)discovery?
Jimmy Eat World. Teagan and Sarah. the Album Leaf. Damien Rice. MoM. the Hold Steady. Imogen Heap. Quietdrive. Radiohead. Sherwood. Snow Patrol. +44.

28. What did you want and get?
A degree. A job/financial security.

29. What did you want and not get?
Oh, you know.

30. What was your favorite film of this year?
I have no idea. EDIT: JUNO!

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
Drank with the Cerner interns. 22

32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
See #29, #22.

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2007?
Blue Shoes. Sport coats over hoodies. I finally feel comfortable in a suit.

34. What kept you sane?
My drums/guitar. Knowing that I am a good person, even if others think otherwise.

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Haha. Emma Watson. Ellen Page

36. What political issue stirred you the most?
I'm SO tired of the presidential race (already). The Environment/alternate fuels.

37. Who did you miss?
Nimit actually. Koo. My grandparents.

38. Who was the best new person you met?
Luke from MoM was pretty cool. So is Allie. I miss my Cerner Interns. Oh! Allyson! but I already kinda knew her.

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2007:
When I convince myself that something must happen, and that it will, it does.

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
The entire song Ordinary by the Alternate Routes.

December 20, 2007

December 12, 2007

Google Checkout will be my end.

So I signed up for Google Checkout on a few weeks ago so I could get $10 off a flash drive. Now I'm getting emails from, and I juts haven't taken the time to stop them. I got one this morning talking about something I've wanted for a long time, one sale for $13. I usually delete the emails right away, but the title caught my eye. After reading a few reviews, and deciding that it wasn't much money anyway, I purchased the item in no less than 20 seconds!

That is a problem. Until I can make so much money that the item is payed off in the time that it takes me to buy it, I could be in trouble. It really is a good thing that I don't impulse buy a lot.

December 11, 2007

thesixtyone - a music adventure

Have you ever heard of Thesixtyone is like a Digg for music. Users are able to "bump" songs, which is like voting. The more bumps a song gets, the higher it will be on the lists or even the front page. This sounds like a great website and I hope it does well. I am currently listening to thesixtyone radio, and so far I like what the users have chosen. It even allows you to listen to songs continuously while surfing the site.

The best thing about thesixtyone is that it works on a points system. Basically this keeps the voting system from being abused. Users need a certain amount of points to bump a song (don't worry, it's not a lot) and can only bump a song once. If other people bump that song, you get more points. This encourages users to promote good songs that other people will like. If you earn enough points you can more up a level, which allows you to bump a song more than once (more features to come!).

8 cities added to Google Maps' Steet View

View Larger Map

Some of you might recognize this spot. I'll give you a hint, it's somewhere I enjoy hanging out. Yes that is right, "Street View" has been added to Google Maps for Minneapolis! If you are searching on Google Maps, zoom in close enough and click the street view button. Then simply place the little man (or double click on any blue lined road) and you will be able to view that road from 10 feet off the ground. It's great, and now its in my city! Props to you Google!

Yep, more videos. But look on the bright side. My semester is almost over. And think of all the time you didn't waste on my blog. Unless your name is Anay, who I'm pretty sure visits this website 5 times a day whether I post or not.

December 10, 2007

December 6, 2007

Oh no!

Now my PC sounds like it has PC speakers. :(

The sub woofer on my PC speakers just died! I've had those poor things for 5 years now. They have been through numerous moves and many many loud guitar sessions. Oh well, I guess it's a sign that I buy a new pair. They only cost me $20 at Sams Club, and I'm surprised they've lasted this long. Maybe I can get my dad to give me his old stacks.

December 5, 2007 updates: For the better?

I'm not happy. One of my favorite music streaming websites has "sold out". (formerly made one very large change recently. My little brother asked me what was wrong with it, so I checked it out. I searched for the first band that came to mind, Fall Out Boy, because I decided not to buy their newest album after hearing how pop it was on Deezer. My search returned all the same songs, but the majority of them were grayed out (see pic). After a little searching on google, I found that Deezer has signed a deal with SonyBMG which allows for faster streaming, but closes some songs from the public.

I think this is ridiculous, although I'm surprised that Deezer wasn't shut down. I just hope that record companies are wising up to the internet and letting people have at least some free music. I've learned about a bunch of bands through the internet, downloaded one of the their songs, and bought more because of it.


Charlie Bit Me!

December 1, 2007

Props to Scrubs

A Few Thoughts Pre-Dead Week

For those of you who don't know what Dead Week is, I will quickly explain. Dead Week is the second to last week of the semester, and it is the week that everyone crams for finals. It used to be that no one had class except to hold a review/study session, and homework/quizzes were out of the question. Every year I've been at ISU I find myself doing homework, taking quizzes and still LEARNING things that will be on the humongous test less than a week away. It drives me nuts. This year I have 2 HUGE projects due during dead week, each with corresponding presentations (neither are close to done). The following week I will have a huge test, and a small test. Not too bad, except for the fact that I wont sleep for the next few days. Which means, the worst, no blogging :(. So here are a few thoughts to tide everyone over:

  • ♫ If it's going to be freezing cold, I want snow. None of this freeing rain stuff (see above pic). I heard it took Pizza Hut 2 hours to deliver a pizza today.
  • ♫ Rock Band is awesome! The guitar is better than Guitar Hero, but the drums suck. They are on the right track and I'm glad there is some competition for my music-game-headed-monies. I'm going to buy them all.
  • ♫ I'm tired of eating out of a microwave.
  • ♫ Jimmy Eat World is a great band to code to. Their newest album gets better with every listen, which is awesome.
  • ♫ It's been 3 weeks and I still only have 5 strings on my guitar. Wow I am lazy.

November 28, 2007

The definition of pillows

Brought to you by Left-Handed Toons

November 27, 2007

"Where's Your Nature Valley? Tell us at"

My dad's video is on the homepage of youtube. Cool eh?

November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving may be over, but Xmas music is not okay yet!

Hello everyone! I am back at college, and back to blogging. Kind of. It's only 3 weeks until I graduate, and I have a ton of stuff to do. So I might not be posting much. On the other hand, it seems that when I have stuff to do, I blog more. So we'll see.

Thanksgiving this year was just as crazy as last years. I got no homework done (as usual), read Deathly Hallows again, saw way too few of my friends (sorry guys), and had Thanks-Xmas at my house this year. I got a freakin' 12 string guitar! I was excited.

So, because the holiday season is about the spirit of giving, I thought I would do that same. Here are a few things that I found on the internets this week (a.k.a. I'm too lazy to write about each one):

November 19, 2007

I'm home! Plus Ludo's new vid

Oh yeah. I have a blog. I almost forgot!

So I'm back in the Mini for a week of turkeys and laziness. On the drive up I managed to lock my keys in my car and spent 45 minutes trying to get them out. After spending $10 on a "kit", I ended up returning the used "kit" and getting a trucker/car trader to help me break into my car. It was cold out, and not fun at all. So I am having fun at home playing Mario Galaxy with my brothers, catching up with old friends, and playing my drums (yay). Speaking of, John - call me.

Anyhoo. My friends of the band Ludo made a call out to their fans a few weeks back. They wanted teeth brushing/singing videos. Don't ask me why. I thought one of my friends was going to send in a video, but I didn't see her in the video. Also, they have a new album out soon, although I'm not sure when.

Here it is - Love Me Dead:

November 15, 2007

Part 2

My next door neighbor is making me mad. My only guess is that he is playing video games, really badly. I've been hearing noises like explosions and general low rumblings all morning. Every minute or so I also hear some sort of obscenity screamed at the top of his lungs followed by a pounding, which I can feel. It's getting really annoying. It's hard to do homework with someone shouting "Mother-f^@$3%, God d*mn it!" every few minutes. The worst part is that I've never met him, and I think I've only seen him once in the hallway. At this point, I don't even want to go over there and ask him to be quiet, for fear of being punched in the face. If I didn't need my computer for homework, I would head to campus.

I imagine that is what he would look like if my neighbor was either a banana or a baby.

In other news, I found out that I have a test tomorrow, so I'm trying to study for that while doing the homework assignment I had left all day to do. On top of that I need to decide on a job today or tomorrow, and I was hoping to have another offer come in today. It's cutting it really close, so I'm getting more and more nervous by the hour.

November 14, 2007

Internal Voices

This was sent to me in an online message. I laughed really, really hard. It's hilarity content is definitely up there with Nimit's thoughts on Jim's sexuality.

"you know how we all think to ourselves in our heads and it's like talking to ourselves but it's internalized and so not as weird? My internal voice has become a British man. So I'm finding even myself hard to take seriously. What a conundrum."

New Bloc Party Single! - Flux

November 12, 2007

Crazy (REAL) Birds

Sorry about all the video lately. I've found so many I want to post, and haven't had time to post real written things. Enjoy this one though. It's from the series Planet Earth, which was amazing. I actually happened to flip to it when this part was on, and I thought it was fake. I thought it was like that Animal Planet show about the dinosaurs being real (as Josh says "lying to children"). The music at the end made me laugh really hard. :)

Oh Nimit...

nimit: i wish i had food
me: then go get some
nimit: i'm far too nude to be in public

Baby vs. Cobra!

This video is messed up! Luckily I found an article about it that kind of explains it, enough that I don't feel scared about watching it. (and the WTF?! label is born)

Disaster in Littleland


November 10, 2007

President Bush and the Effects of War

I don't even know what to say. Check out these photos.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll

Do you know what your kids are listening to? A new study from the American Public Health Association shows that one-third of songs today have a reference to either drugs or alcohol in them. The study looked at 279 of the bestselling songs in 2005, based on the Billboard magazine charts. They also separated it out into 5 genres that are "popular with kids" (rap, country, R&B/hip-hop, rock, pop).

  • ♫ Pop 9%
  • ♫ Rock - 14%
  • ♫ R&B/hip-hop - 20%
  • ♫ Country - 37%
  • ♫ Rap - 77%
  • ♫ Total - 33%
Honestly, I'm not surprised. One of my favorite albums, Boys and Girls in America, has a mention of substance abuse in every song. We all know that drugs and alcohol goes with the Rock and Roll lifestyle and even if every band member doesn't give into the temptation, there is still an influence on the music. Even I've written songs about that stuff, though I've only drank alcohol.

That said, look at the source. I guess it makes sense that they are looking at the most popular songs, since that's what kids tend to listen to. But the article failed to mention other sub-genres like Straight-Edge and Christian Rock. Also, 279 songs is barely a legitimate sampling of music in my mind.

I wonder how the numbers would have changed if they had included sex in there. Or even degrading statements towards women (I'm look at you Rap music).

[Yahoo News via Digg]

Phil Collins meets Wonderbra

Guys, if you look close you may see a drumset. If you watch even closer, you might actually notice that she isn't actually playing it. In fact, she doesn't actually strike any of the drums. Weak. Enjoy!

November 9, 2007

Moby supports Indie films

Okay, Moby is NOT my favorite musician. In fact, I don't really like him at all. But he isn't totally worthless. Moby is releasing 44 tracks for free use by Indie filmmakers. What a great idea! It only promotes his music even more while helping out some great Indie films. Hopefully more artists will do this. In the words of former-almost-candidate for the presidency Stephen Colbert would say, "A tip of the hat to you Moby". Props to you!

The Frequency EP

Artist: PlayRadioPlay!
Release Date: April 24, 2007
Stand Out Songs: Confines of Gravity, Mr. Brightside(cover)
Favorite Lyric(s):
Sounds Like: think Postal Service mixed with hellogoodbye

Thoughts: This kid is talented. Barely 18 years old and he's already touring with some of my favorite bands like Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Anberlin. And that's after a 4 month stint in rehab, at the age of 14! Daniel Hunter, who now claims to be straight-edge, began PlayRadioPlay! in his garage, and was picked up by an Island Records subsidiary a year ago.

The thing that I love about this EP is the simplicity of the lyrics over top of great electronic beats. It's all catchy, and all good.

Extras: Check out PlayRadioPlay!'s website below to get 2 free demo tracks. Elephants As Big As Whales is actually one of my favorite songs by him.

Bottom Line: 80 / 100

November 8, 2007

Holy Cow! Rube Goldberg at his best.

Note: This is not Rube Goldberg's invention but they are still pretty sweet.

Listen up RIAA! P2P is your friend

You know how the music industry is pouring money into catching people for illegally downloading music? And the RIAA is becoming a bigger and bigger pain in the ass? Well, it turns out that music downloading actually INCREASES music purchases. Yes, that is right. The more people who download music, the more money these big record labels make. And yet they are spending so much money to stop it. Ridiculous.

The study, aptly named The Impact of Music Downloads and P2P File-Sharing on the Purchase of Music: A Study for Industry Canada, found some interesting things:

  • ♫ downloading the equivalent of approximately one CD increases purchasing by about half of a CD
  • ♫ roughly one quarter [of songs] were downloaded because they were not available for purchase
  • ♫ people who buy digital downloads are not less likely to buy CDs
  • ♫ purchases of other forms of entertainment such as cinema and concert tickets, and video games tend to increase with music purchases
I sure hope the record labels start paying attention to this information. I can only hope the music industry is shifting towards smaller labels and better/cheaper music.

[Cybernet News]

November 7, 2007

Jim is gaying things

This is an actual IM conversation I had with my roommate Sophomore year of college. This makes me laugh every time I read it. (oh yeah, Jim/John were our other two roommates)

nimit (12:17:53 AM): andrew!
me (12:17:56 AM): yo
nimit (12:18:09 AM): i need to tell you something
me (12:18:15 AM): ok
nimit (12:18:16 AM): it's important
nimit (12:18:20 AM): you can't tell everyone
nimit (12:18:26 AM): ready......
me (12:18:26 AM): can i tell anyone?
nimit (12:18:30 AM): no
me (12:18:31 AM): k
nimit (12:18:36 AM): jim is gay
nimit (12:18:44 AM): i saw him
me (12:18:50 AM): him doing what?
nimit (12:18:50 AM): gaying things
nimit (12:18:59 AM): he gayed the toaster oven
nimit (12:19:09 AM): it was gross, there was butter everywhere
me (12:19:26 AM): what exactly doing "gaying" mean?
nimit (12:19:38 AM): it's everything you think, and more....
nimit (12:19:44 AM): lot of penis on metal contact
nimit (12:19:52 AM): note: a catholic penis
me (12:19:52 AM): sounds like a lot of chaffing
nimit (12:20:15 AM): he got a haircut too
nimit (12:20:21 AM): probably to gay you
me (12:20:40 AM): he cant gay me
nimit (12:21:07 AM): that's fine
me (12:21:22 AM): but he can gay you
me (12:21:27 AM): or even worse, JOHN
nimit (12:23:09 AM): he'll be gaying all of us
nimit (12:23:16 AM): there's no escaping it
me (12:23:24 AM): good thing i'm never home
me (12:23:34 AM): soon we will have drapes!
me (12:23:39 AM): pink frilly ones
nimit (12:24:48 AM): jim and i are both naked right now
nimit (12:24:55 AM): and we're fine with that
me (12:25:52 AM): why am i not surprised
nimit (12:26:55 AM): my penis hurts
me (12:27:08 AM): from?
me (12:27:23 AM): poor yittle nimmers
nimit (12:29:18 AM): i got my penis caught in the car door
me (12:29:48 AM): your car door?
me (12:31:39 AM): why was it "out and about" while you were shutting the car door?
nimit (12:34:27 AM): things
me (12:34:42 AM): things??
nimit (12:36:05 AM): yEA

Radiohead's "Free" Album Cashes In

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about the new Radiohead album? The one that's "pay what you want"? Well the statistics are in.

  • ♫ 2 million people downloaded the album (via
  • ♫ 62% didn't pay a cent
  • ♫ On average, people paid $2.26 (US dollars)
  • ♫ 10% of the people who paid, paid over $12, and made up over 25% of the revenue
So if an artist typically makes one dollar or less for a single album sale, Radiohead more than doubled their profit! Like I said, genius.


November 6, 2007

"Did you know?"

There is no other word to describe this but "crazy". The world we live in is so complex, and sometimes I feel as though I am on the cutting edge. Yet, in two years everything I learned could be obsolete.

Now you know.

Note: My little brother called me to make sure that I thanked him for sending me this video. Thank you Win. If it wasn't for this video, I would have continued to think you were worthless.

November 5, 2007

In other news: I am swamped with work.

I can't help it baby, this is who I am
Sorry, but I can't just go turn off how I feel
You kill me, you build me up, but just to watch me break
I know what I should do, but I just can't walk away

♫ Jimmy Eat World Kill

November 4, 2007

I want to be this guy

I think she just hangs out in dream land...

according to my dream last night, this girl I know is still hot and a really good kisser.

October 31, 2007

Yep, I'm cool

I just walked through Campustown and saw the Halloween crowd out and about. I'm pretty sure that at least 90% of the girls were wearing a short skirt that showed off everything, or something low-cut, or really really tight. Yep, I've decided that they think its perfectly fine to slut-it-up one day a year. That said, I certainly didn't mind seeing what I saw, but I wouldn't exactly want to date a girl who dressed that scantily. More power to them, but no thanks. I also had a guy trying to solicit me ($20 for a BJ) which just made me laugh. He was the burliest woman I have ever seen.

I also felt like the complete opposite of cool, though I do not care. Imagine this: I'm walking through Campustown at 10 at night, after working late in a lab on campus. I'm going back to my dorm to work more, all while listening to a Harry Potter podcast.

Happy Halloween!

Part 1

Welcome to a new segment I like to call "People who piss me off". I like to think of myself as a tolerant person. I would never attack these people verbally. But sometimes they just get to me. So here's what happened today:

In my Econ class we are performing a regression analysis on a set of data to find which factors effect the wage of a teacher the most. It can all be done in Excel, which I don't know much about. So yesterday I sat down and learned a little about Excel functions. I learned all of the functions needed for the assignment and I started it. Yay for me.

Today I get to class and the teacher decides to explain everything that I learned to the class, because "people are confused". So basically they sat down at a computer for five minutes, didn't understand right away, and then complained to the teacher. I know for a fact that around 80% of the class are engineers, and a lot of engineering classes force you to be self-taught, so why can't they learn it themselves?! Maybe they are like the stereotypical engineer and they are waiting until the day before it is due to start. Whatever. It's just that right now my time is at a premium, so I don't need people complaining to the professor and getting things done for them (and wasting my time).

And that is why I think People are Stupid.

October 30, 2007

Chase This Light

Artist: Jimmy Eat World
Release Date: October 16, 2007
Stand Out Songs: Dizzy, Big Casino, Dizzy (Acoustic Version)

Fun Facts: Debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 (US). Six different tracks were released as "bonus tracks", in numerous countries.
Favorite Lyric(s):"If everything I meant to you / You can lick and seal then fold in two / Then I've been so blind."

Thoughts: I've loved Jimmy Eat World ever since I finally heard them two years ago. Both Clarity and Futures quickly became two of my favorite albums. Jimmy continues their reign with yet another great album. It's everything I have come to expect from them - great/catchy melodies, fast/driving guitars, and great lyrics. That said, I would have liked to hear more slow songs that go on forever; the ones Jimmy does so well. I gave it this score mostly because I felt like the majority of the songs were at the same tempo, same temperament, the same feeling. I wanted more variety, especially since those are the Jimmy Eat World songs that I gravitate to the most.

Bottom Line: 80 / 100

October 28, 2007

USA: Unkind Self-Serving A-Holes?

Now, I don't want to get into racism/sexism etc. in my blog, but I do think that Bill Cosby has a very good point. But why stop at just black people? I see things like this in every subculture, race, nationality and religion in America. Yes, some more than others, but that's not the point.

I've been noticing two things in the past few years. In my field (engineering), students need to go to more schooling more often than not. It used to be that not having a college degree was okay. Now it feels as though you might as well be on welfare if you didn't go to college, much less pass high school. On the other hand, I've been noticing more stupid people than I thought existed. I know that I'm not the most traveled person and that I lived a fairly sheltered life when I was young, but I thought that more people were smart. How did America become a super-power when we are still way behind other countries on things like tolerance. I notice a huge difference in racism between where I grew up and where I go to college. This doesn't make sense to me. I went to a 99% white high school, where at least half of the students came from a upper class family. We had students wrapping $60,000 cars around trees and getting a new one the next week. Yet, when I went to college, a place that should be more open to differences, I learned stereotypes that I didn't know even existed. I've heard more racist things come out of people's mouthes in college than I have anywhere else.

Sorry that turned into a rant. My poorly shown point is that I see the classes in America separating. I see the wealthy becoming more so, and the poor getting stuck where they are. This is not how America should be. Everyone should get a high school diploma. Everyone should at least tolorate each other. Otherwise, why would I want to live in the "greatest country in the world"? Most of the time I don't think I do.

October 25, 2007

Intersection Phil

Happy (kinda) Birthday QC!

My favorite webcomic, Questionable Content, will be 1,000 comics old tomorrow. That's a lotta comics! He's come a long way, both in content and artistic skill. Of course, there is always the "the bands I listen to are way more indy than your's" attitude. I love it.

Brownies: 911 (Toothpaste for Dinner)

October 24, 2007

I missed one!

Warn your hubby that after lovemaking in Ames, Iowa, he isn't allowed to take more than three gulps of beer while lying in bed with you—or holding you in his arms.

Okay! I'm signing the dang thing!

I guess Mark Hoppus has been hearing a ton of rumors about his band +44 breaking up. I guess it kind of makes sense, with Blink 182 breaking up two years ago, even though it is rumored that was due to Tom (who isn't in +44). To clear up any confusion, Mark has posted a picture of himself signing a contract with Interscope Records on his blog himynameismark. I guess that will put rumors to rest. Hopefully the new album is just as good as the last When your Heart Stops Beating.

I am excited for the next album. Oh, and the first single is out for Angels and Airwaves. It's pretty good. Their new album drops next week (11/1).

I found these whilst wandering the internets...

Here's a few sites that I found lately that I found interesting. First there is a guy who makes art sculptures out of odd things. The coat hanger guerilla is by far my favorite. Also, check out one of the smallest high quality cameras I've ever seen. Too bad it's just a prototype, but I feel less violated knowing that ;). Lastly, I know there are some strange laws out there, but these weird sex laws take the cake. Who knows if they are all true, but my favorite is still the following:

In Indiana, mustaches are illegal if the bearer has a "tendency to habitually kiss other humans."

Listening Heaven :)

♫ Jimmy Eat World - Futures
♫ Jimmy Eat World - Clarity
♫ The Hold Steady - Boys and Girls in America
♫ Paramore - Riot!
♫ Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days
♫ Motion City Soundtrack - Even If it Kills Me
♫ Motion City Soundtrack - I am the Movie
♫ Diggnation Podcast

October 23, 2007

The first iPod

Check out Steve Jobs' first presentation on the very first iPod. It's crazy to see how far we've come. From 5 gigs to over 80 gigs. I kind of wish I had one of those lil' guys.

Also, I didn't know that Apple invented firewire!

October 21, 2007

Recent Revelations

I learned a few things in the past few weeks:

  • I still cannot get out of bed before noon when I sleep at home
  • Dumbledore is gay
  • I miss MN more than I thought, especially the people
  • Ames sucks more than I thought
  • I guess I'm not horrible at interviews
  • I just want to graduate more than ever now
  • Stick to one drink, and not too much, or I become hungover
  • ISU has done me well
  • I would trade it all for love


Silly Canadian government. For some reason they think that by taxing people a few cents for every digital download (of music), artists will be compensated for piracy. I think it's really stupid. If anything, it will drive more people to get music through non-legal means.

Does anybody recognize it?

Look what I found on PostSecret this morning.

October 18, 2007

Is it illegal if it's free?

Remember how I wrote about the new Radiohead album last week? The one you could download for whatever price you wanted (aka free if you wanted)? It turns out that over a half a million people downloaded it illegally. Now, obviously it shouldn't really matter that much, but then why didn't they download it legally?

Here are some thoughts on the Daily Irrelevant.

October 17, 2007

Apple drops prices of DRM-free MP3s

(Ok, I lied. I have a little time in between classes, and instead of studying Java like I should be, I'm blogging.)

Three weeks ago Amazon announced they were offering cheaper DRM-free songs. Instead of $1.29 like iTunes, they were charging under a dollar. Well Apple took notice. They are now offering DRM-free songs for just 99 cents. The obvious explanation would be that they were trying to compete with Amazon, but yesterday an Apple spokeswoman said that this change was "not in response to competition"(Yahoo News). I don't believe it.

Also, before iTunes users could upgrade their DRM music to the DRM-free version for just 30 cents (the difference in the two prices). Rumor has it that even though the two prices are now the same, users will still be charged 30 cents to upgrade.

Well, at least Apple is finally getting with it, and offering iTunes shoppers what they want - sharable music.

Via [Cybernet News]

October 16, 2007

I'm goin' home

I hate to say it, but I wont have time to post in the next few days. I'm headed up to MN tomorrow for 2 on-site interviews. Hopefully, I can get a job offer soon, so I have one less thing to worry about. I somehow managed to finish my weekly homework in half the time, and I get to hand it in tomorrow morning! The bad part is that I have to lug my computer home so I can do the rest of the homework that just got dumped on me :(. I'm also staying the weekend, for my little brothers' birthday!

October 14, 2007


Well, I am back from Chicago. It was my first trip there since I started college. I got to see a few friends houses and families. I also got to hang out with all my old roommates in one place, which hasn't happened in over a year. The trip itself wasn't anything special, but it was great to see friends. I had a good talk with Jim during the 5 hour trip (each way). We actually didn't really even have music going for most of it. I noticed yet again that the four of us mesh well. Maybe it's partially because we've known each other for almost four years now, but I always feel very comfortable with those guys. Conversations just flow and it's like no time passes between seeing everyone.

I've decided that is one big way that I know how good of friends I am with someone. If I can see you after not talking for months and everything feels the same, that is a great thing.

October 12, 2007

In Rainbows

Artist: Radiohead
Release Date: October 10, 2007
Favorite Song(s): 15 Step

Thoughts: I've never been a Radiohead fan. Granted, I think Karma Police, Paranoid Andriod and Creep are genius. Maybe it's just that I haven't heard enough of their songs.

Earlier this week, Radiohead released this album via a special website. The entire album is downloadable for what ever you feel like paying (in pounds). I think this is such a great idea, because it gets people like me who love music of any kind (especially free) to sample the album and tell my friends. And let me tell you, I am ashamed to say that I didn't pay a cent for this album. It is that good. I feel like I need a few more listens to fully appreciate the magnitude of this album, but even so, this week I joined ranks with Radiohead fans around the globe.

Bottom Line: 80 / 100


Last night I was studying for my exam this morning when a friend IM-ed me. He told me that there were free iTunes songs on Facebook. I immediately stopped studying to explore this claim. He was right! I got 5 free songs. But then, in my excitement, I started telling other people and some of them gave me their codes! I ended up with 25 free songs. Needless to say, not enough studying got done. I got the newest Paramore album, the PlayRadioPlay! EP, that song from the Bouncy Ball commercial, Monkey Wrench(I'm learning it on guitar) and a Fall Out Boy remix. I also grabbed a song that was, for some reason, missing from one my Motion City Soundtrack albums.

So, here is what you need to do:

  • ♫ Login to Facebook
  • ♫ Search for the group "Ticketmaster Live"
  • ♫ View the group's page
  • ♫ In the upper right there's the link "join group", click it
  • ♫ Let the page reload
  • ♫ Your code should show up just to the left of that link, where the ad is for free iTunes songs
  • EDIT: If you need a picture to show you where, go here
If you don't want your free songs, feel free to email me your code! [adbrand (at)]

October 11, 2007

And it's just what you wanted
To be dead and dishonest
So just let it take you
Cause it's sad what it's come to

♫ Bleed the Dream Legends Die

They are like little kids

Sony Bravia has some of the coolest ads.

Yarn Pyramid
Bouncy Ball Street

October 10, 2007

Sorry for 3 posts in a row, but I was just looking around facebook (instead of studying) and I found my good friend Jim's deviant-art page. I knew he had one, but I'd never visited. His name is Jim by the way. Jim has been my good friend since freshman year of college. We've lived together 3 years now, but not currently. In fact, he lives 4 blocks away and I rarely see him.

Jim is the best photographer I know.

There are times when I just want to tell him to drop out of school and just shoot all day. He used to take photos for the paper here at ISU, and for that one semester, I read the paper everyday. While I was milling around his deviant-art gallery, I found a few photos that I recognized, and a few that I didn't. I know what his work looks like, so none of them surprised me too much. What did though, was how much emotion I felt when I looked at them. Each picture tells a story. I felt as though there was something going on that I couldn't see, but I could sense it was there. That is one thing that amazes me about Jim's work. It speaks to you. It whispers to you. It is a living, breathing thing.

My friend Josh also takes great photos. I actually helped him make his website, which badly needs to be updated. Josh has a great sense of perspective and lining things up in the foreground with the background (feel free to make fun of me if I'm wrong about this). I've enjoyed seeing his work progress over the time that I've known him.

I just thought that I would share some of my favorite works with you guys. I wish I could post more and make this a gallery of its own, but I gotta stick to the things that I (kinda) know instead. Please check out their sites and leave them comments. You might even see a few photos of me in there!

Dig me up

If I turn into another
dig me up from under what is covering
the better part of me.
Sing this song
remind me that we'll always have each other
when everything else is gone.

♫ Incubus Dig


Maybe I should be studying for my test on Friday.
Maybe I should have studied instead of playing guitar.
Maybe I'm addicted to Facebook.
Maybe I shouldn't have played guitar with a paper cut on my finger.
Maybe I should have called that company back last week about an interview.
Maybe I'll stop having weird dreams.
Maybe I like most of my dreams, however weird they are.
Maybe I actually start that album I've been talking about.
Maybe I'll finish it. Maybe it'll get me noticed.

Maybe, just maybe, none of this will matter.

October 9, 2007

Flaming Nano!

Yesterday I read on Cybernet News that a man's iPod Nano caught fire while he was listening to it. He said the flames lasted for 15 seconds and they came up to his chest! I'm not 100% sure, but in the picture it looks like he has the first gen Nano. He also said that it was a year and a half old. I'm not sure what that means for those of us that have a 2nd gen. I assume they have the same batteries, which is speculated to have caused the Nano to spit fire. I really wonder if his pants set on fire, and the iPod was just really hot or barely on fire.

I guess in the long run, I'd rather be the engineer that designed the Nano than an airplane. This guy wasn't even hurt.

I really like how small my Nano is, even if it holds very little music. This makes me a little nervous about using it though. At least if they recall it, I'll be able to put all my music back on it easily. If it was my 30 gig I'd be more upset, since it has some irreplaceable music on it.

Image source [WSBTV]

October 7, 2007

My new slogan

Why does my printer work better on my new Mac, even though it is without the installation software and it's made for a PC?

That is the power of a Mac. (insert catchy theme music here)

Sooooo hot!

I love music tattoos. Anyone else think these are hot?
Maybe I'll get one someday

October 6, 2007

Is the world falling apart? For some people it is.

I got an IM from a friend today that I haven't talked to in a while. She recently graduated and is now in grad school out west. I guess she just needed someone to talk to. She told me that last night she asked a friend if he would date her and he responded with something along the lines of "I like this other girl". Combine that with another friend breaking up with his longtime GF, and I started thinking about love.

My friend told me earlier that "Love just sucks". In my current state, I would have to hardily agree. But I haven't always felt this way. You see, I think Love is more like a cliff or a mountain. When you are in love, you are on top of the mountain. You feel like nothing can touch you. The world and everything in it is beautiful. But then you get dumped, and you fall. And it's a long fall, all the way down. You make bad decisions and only end up hurting yourself more, until you finally hit the bottom. Then, after a little while, you decide to pick yourself up and start climbing up that mountain. But it's hard and it sucks and all you can see is those people still on top that are so happy and completely oblivious to your pain. Their happiness shields them, and they see even your trouble as a passing thing. They really have no idea. You've never really felt pain until you've had your heart broken and had to live with it for weeks... months... years.

So you have to climb by yourself. Maybe you'll find someone to help you climb, to climb with you. So when you finally reach the top you have someone who has weathered through the pain with you, and it's that much more beautiful to see. At least until you lose it again, and plummet once again.

So yes, "Love sucks". Although I never went to a doctor, when my ex broke up with me, I'm pretty sure I was clinically depressed for a year. But there was a time when I truly believed that with love, I could get through anything. What I didn't realize was what happened when that love went away, and it's safety net with it. I wasn't prepared, which made the fall even worse. And I sat at the bottom of the mountain and thought to myself, "what the hell just happened?" So now, as yet again I climb that bastard of a hill, my heart has become hardened. I no longer give of myself to everyone. I now do things for me, even if they hurt other people sometimes. Tough cookies.

Despite all of this, I am and always will be a hopeless romantic. I still (literally) have dreams about being in love and I know some day I will be again. I don't want to be a heartless ass, but sometimes I can't help it. And at least one of my friends has noticed that I'm not exactly the same.

So as I listened to my friend vent about how his girlfriend had just broken up with him, I felt really bad for him. I've been there, and it sucks more that anything. And I would never wish it on anyone.

October 5, 2007

Boys and Girls in America

Artist: The Hold Steady
Release Date: October 3, 2006
Stand Out Songs: First Night, Stuck Between Stations, Hot Soft Light
Favorite Lyric(s): "I've had kisses that make Judas seem sincere."
Interesting Fact: Daniel Radcliffe claims they are his favorite band.

Thoughts: This album is straight up rock. Distortion, guitar solos and lyrics about drugs and alcohol. Actually, I think every song on the album mentions one of the two. But that's what rock is isn't it? The other thing that I love about this band is that although they are based out of Brooklyn, four of it's five members are from Minneapolis. To my delight, they mention well known Twin Cities hotspots, such as Highway 494, France Ave., and Nicollet (similar to Motion City Soundtrack). I also found it interesting that the lead singer Craig Finn looks like he could almost be my dad. I hope I can still be rocking out when I hit 36!

Watch for: Dual-solos in Some Kooks as well as a dogfight solo in Hot Soft Light. Also, the nostalgia themed First Night.

Bottom Line: 84 / 100

October 3, 2007

I miss my drumset...

Sometimes it's all I need.

October 2, 2007

Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky is my new favorite ambient band. Actually, they are much more experimental, but I listen to them like I would Sigur Ros or The Album Leaf. They have a link to a live video of their song Catastrophe and the Cure up on the Virb frontpage. I would embed the video, but it's really wide and would attack the sidebar.

If you haven't heard this band, take a look.

October 1, 2007

Free Ludo!

Ludo has a new album coming out soon called You're Awful, I Love You. But before that, they are on tour. You can read their tour diary and watch weekly clips on their MySpace page.

Also, you can listen to the first two songs on the new album, as well as download Love Me Dead for free(!) on their Purevolume page.

Even If It Kills Me

(I've had a 3 albums for a few weeks now, and I've been meaning to write about them and my thoughts. But since I have a lot less time this semester, I'm going to shorten this. Here goes.)

Album: Even If It Kills Me
Artist: Motion City Soundtrack
Release Date: September 18, 2007
Stand Out Songs: This Is For Real, Broken Heart, The Conversation
Favorite Lyric(s): "With all my dreams hooked to hospital machines/I think, 'let's try redefining beautiful.'" - "I had a pocketful of dreams, but I gave them all to you."

Thoughts: I love this album! MCS is still alive and well! I'll have to admit that it took me a few listens to get used to it, but I had to do that with I Am the Movie too. A few of the songs are a little more pop than usual, but I don't think it's a bad thing at all. Look for the drum beat in Can't Finish What You Started; I still don't believe he can do that live. Also, the acoustic version of Broken Heart that came with the pre-order? Not worth it. It's not even MCS playing it.

Right away I noticed the song The Conversation, because it's so different for MCS. It's a very simple piano (acoustic) song with a lonesome melody. Justin's voice just gets to me in this song.

Bottom Line: 84 / 100

As if they weren't strange enough...

Last night my dreams got stranger than before. Every once in a while I'll have an interesting dream about something that isn't possible, but I'm not talking about that. Last night's dream was totally possible, and pretty scary. I only remember short clips or just a freeze-frame of a scene, possibly with a strong emotion connected to it, bit I still figured out the idea of my dream.

So last night I was yet again dating the same girl from a few past dreams. I was at her house, but it wasn't a house that I recognize. It's strange because I usually see places that I recognize even if they don't represent that place. We were flirting. End scene. Now cut to me over hearing a conversation of my aunt, who mentions that I had AIDs and had since birth (yet my mother didn't somehow). I started freaking out. I couldn't believe that no one had ever told me, and I had probably given it to at least one other person. I had pretty much ruined someone else's life because of someone else's stupidity. I was in shock.

I am soooo glad it was just a dream.

September 30, 2007

A Top Ten...

My friend Ashley sent me this link and I thought it was hilarious. It's the Top Ten Most Humiliating Ways Your Body Can Betray You in Bed (not for the young or the old). It's all true, and you just have to laugh it off and get on with the fun.

I think that everyone should be able to laugh at themselves in bed, but some people think otherwise. One sign of a queef and the lovin' halts. I figure, the more you laugh, the more intimate it can be. To a point, of course. So quit idealizing the act of "knockin' boots". There is a reason why they call it "bumping uglies".