January 12, 2007

Demetri Martin

When Mitch Hedberg died a few years ago I was very sad. He had such a unique style that I never thought I would see again. Enter Demetri Martin.

Demetri has quickly grown to be my favorite comedian. His jokes frequently involve "deadpan" one-liners about funny things he has noticed, much like Hedberg. But Demetri also brings more to the table. He always has a guitar with him, sometimes to play a funny song and sometimes to provide background music. He has also been known to bring out a large notepad with pictures drawn on it, to help illustrate some of his jokes. Demetri is one of few comedians who does more than two different types of comedy (stand-up, prop, musical). He has won multiple awards for his work, stan-up and side projects.

Demetri is a very smart/busy man. He attended Yale followed by New York University School of Law where he dropped out in his last year to pursue comedy (wiki). Rumor has it he has an open invitation to return to NYU Law, on the full scholarship he gave up. Since then Demetri has been a writer for Conan O'Brien, a correspondent on the Daily Show (Trendspotting), and released two CDs. The second is These Are Jokes, and it is a CD/DVD combo. It's really good (I bought it). Recently, Microsoft hired Demetri to write advertisements for their new operating system Windows Vista, in a campaign called Clearification. On top of that, Demetri has written and sold pitches to Dreamworks and Columbia Pictures as well as possibly writing a book of drawings (wiki).

The real reason why I am writing about Demetri now, is that his second special is on Comedy Central this Sunday (1/14) at 9PM. Watch it. It'll be good.

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