January 29, 2007


Do you like acoustic guitars and poetic lyrics? How about electronic beats? What about all of them together on one CD?! The Chicago based band Hanalei is just that. Brian Moss (formerly of The Ghost) has made a great album called We Are All Natural Disasters. Imagine The Postal Service with acoustic guitars and slightly more complicated lyrics. Hanalei's website sums it up pretty well:

Moss decided that a solo endeavor would give him the freedom to do as he pleased, musically, regardless of outside opinion. Shortly, he recorded his first solo album, We Are All Natural Disasters, under the moniker Hanalei. The album was released in 2003 on Chicago indie-staple, Thick Records. The record combined Moss's own well-rendered electronic rhythm and melody programming with jangly guitars, minimalist song structuring and captivating wax-poetics.
I've owned this album for almost two years, and I still love listening to it. One of my favorite songs is Action Drum, and it is a perfect single for the album. It's the most 'pop' song, and it contains all the elements that make up Hanalei. Action Drum also has my favorite Hanalei lyric: "the drums of liberation/will rise in orchestration/and the fuel of transformation/will ignite from devastation" (can you tell I play the drums?). You can download the song on their Purevolume page. Another great song is This is Going to Be the Best Summer Ever. Like many of the songs, it is full of poetic lyrics.
the ice is gone now you can shake your camouflage
find some comfort in the warm wind
if you show me you're vulnerable I'll show you a safe place
I've got some good things I've been waiting to share
Last year Brain Moss joined up with three other musicians, to make Hanalei a full band. They have released a record called Parts and Accessories. I've only heard selected tracks, but the band sounds pretty good. But I like the acoustic guitar more :).

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