January 28, 2007

Hear that kids? Don't go to college.

Okay, I'm getting tired of this. I've just really started doing my homework this semester, and I've noticed a huge problem in the assignments I've been getting. The teachers don't teach anything that relates to the problems. I actually had a programming class where the teacher has yet to teach us anything useful about the language. All he does is complain about the language (that he is teaching us) and Windows/Linux. Another few of my classes require you to come to class, then they don't teach you anything. I hate it when people complain about having to go to class, but just about every class I've taken taught me at least something during lecture. But I'm starting to think that I will learn nothing in most of my classes this semester, and the homeworks seem to get harder too. So, I've stopped being taught, and projects are harder. Hmmmmm, sounds like work. Maybe I should just drop out and get a job.

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