January 16, 2007


(a poem by my friend John to our friend Emilia, about her large cat)

Have you ever seen a bigger cat, than the one at your house?
Does it ever even exercise? Has it ever chased a mouse?

Maybe if we got it a membership to a health club or a gym.
Then it could shed those pounds and look nice and slim.

Possibly a little Jenny Craig would help do the trick.
Or maybe personal training from that Swedish body builder, Nick.

Your cat reminds me of that guy on Sesame Street, Snuff-a-lup-a-guss.
Maybe that's because your cat is way past being voluptuous.

Maybe I am wrong; maybe he's not that chunky.
Maybe he's just big-boned, and turned out kind of funky.

I really should stop, I said I've retired from fat jokin'
But when I saw your cat, I laughed so hard, I thought I was token.

Personally, I love your cat, I think it's the very very best.
I've seen lots of cats, and yours most definitely beats the rest.


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