January 7, 2007

Man, it is good to be back in Ames. It's good to be back on a schedule (starting tomorrow). It's good to have all of my stuff in one place. It's good to see my friends, especially Nimit. I'm glad to play my drum set again.

But I do miss Minnesota already. I miss Emilia, John, and Ian. I miss getting sleep until 1 everyday, and always feeling like I should have gotten up, but knowing that it really doesn't matter. I miss Uptown; there are no lounges in Ames. I want ISU to be in Minneapolis, but still feel far from home. I need that independence, but with all the quirks and people of the city that I love.

My past three weeks have been insane. I'll try and write about them soon/tonight, but there is a lot to tell. I hope everyone of my friends had a great break, and everyone else had happy holidays.

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