January 7, 2007

Ok, so I'm going to try to sum up my break in less than a page. I'll make it brief.

Week 1

The first week I went to visit my cousin up in Duluth/Superior. I got a free lift ticket for snowboarding and had a great time. There's a few pictures of me in my facebook album Weekend in Souptown, but most of them didn't upload correctly. I got much more comfortable on boxes and carving fast, and I even managed to take a few jumps. In the end I hurt my wrist after catching an edge trying to avoid a younger rider, and it's still hurts two weeks later. I thought it might have been broken,but it turns out it was just a bad sprain.

Jim stopped by MN to see Sarah, and we went out to Uncommon. Lots of drama there.
Week 2
I had xmas, and got a few cool presents. I got a digital camcorder, which I really wanted. My family got a Wii, but it broke after one hour of play (I was the only one to play it). Turns out, after a phone call to India, the remote is busted and we need a new one. So I didn't get to play anymore Wii than that.

I also got a great deep red colored shirt to go with my suit, which I got tailored. It turns out I wasn't crazy. After wearing that suit for a year, the sleeves really were different lengths!

I also got the chance to hang out with the always interesting Emilia. That night, my car died twice and we got stranded in Uptown. Sarah came to our rescue only to be offended by Emilia on the way home (no one's fault). It was awkward for all involved. But I still had a great time.
Week 3
After pumping $65 worth of parts and multiple man hours into my car, it still died when I was on my way to a New Year's Eve party. The plan was to go to Uptown for a fancy meal, but it snowed over 8 inches in parts of Minneapolis. So that was canceled. Emilia was invited which is good or bad, depending on whether or not you talk to Sarah or me. Anyway, my car died and I slid into the guard rail blocks from my house. Luckily, my step brother pulled me out and dragged my car through the snow back to our house. Turns out my car battery just needed a little water added to it, and a recharge. I made it to the party, but in my dad's car.

Then came the Chicago trip. I decided to leave my car at home to save money, but then our ride dropped out for the trip. After purchasing bus tickets and talking to my friends, I finally decided not to go on the trip, but to brining my car to Ames. I ended up missing a Ludo show for the third time in the last five months, but I did get to see John and Emilia.

It sure was a crazy break. btw - the picture is of me at Uncommon Grounds (home of the worlds best Chi).

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