January 31, 2007

Old friends?

The other day I was wondering around the Memorial Union looking for my roommate when I saw someone I never thought I would see again. My former roommate, Brown (last name/nickname). He saw me, I saw him. I said "Hey Brown", but he looked away. I'm pretty sure it was on purpose. Maybe he's still upset, since we didn't part on good terms.

It just kind of shocked me. Even though we go to the same school, there are still 25,000 students. Now I live on the opposite side of campus, where all my classes are. So I never expected to see him, or any of those guys. I wouldn't mind stopping to talk to Brown, but I've decided it's best to leave some people alone.

So this makes me wonder - what other friends have I lost? Are there people that I see on campus from time to time that look away and hope I don't notice them? Last week it happened too; I walked right past someone I used to talk to weekly, if not daily. Luckily, I saw her again this week. Same time, same place. And she stopped to say hi. This happens back home too. I see people that I recognize, although I have no idea where from. Most often we went to the same high school, and they were in a different graduating class.

I guess I just don't like the idea of losing friends, especially female friends. No, I'm not a ladies man, nor am I gay. I just like having girls around because they help give me that extra perspective. Plus, I don't like football and I don't mind shopping. So I don't always fit in with a group of guys. Three years ago, after Christmas break, I decided that I didn't know enough girls at ISU. So I did my best to fix that. My classes are all guys for the most part, so I did my best to be better friends with the few girls I did know. In the end I met my ex, who I dated for over a year. Through her I met a bunch more girls, but I was never really that close to any of them. So now that Linsey and I are not dating, I'm back to square one. I know all of two girls at ISU that are really my friends.

You have no idea how much this bothers me.

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