January 22, 2007

Waking Ashland

"Waking Ashland combines emotional piano melodies with sonic distortion guitars, creating a unique sound among their genre" (wiki). Yep, I'm too lazy to actually write, so I'm quoting Wikipedia. I heard of this band from my Christian (xn) resource, my roommate. I'm really not sure if they are Christian, but they are were on Tooth & Nail Records. Xn or not, they are great band. On the first listen I thought they were fairly generic, but now I think they are a good piano rock band. The entire band seems to work as one unit, each instrument never overpowering the others. They seem to work well together, accentuating each other. The song Hands on Deck off their second full release Composure is one of my favorite mellow rock songs. Actually, the entire album is very solid. No song really sticks out to me too much, which makes the album a piece to be listened to as a whole. I like records like that.

Check out some of their songs on their MySpace/PureVolume pages. The song I Am For You was featured on a compilation for both sites.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention Waking Ashland is no longer on Tooth & Nail. Before their last EP (Telescopes) they switched to Immortal Records. And my roommate informs me that they are in fact Christian. They sure don't advertise it well though.


  1. they arent on tooth and nail anymore. they released another cd with a smaller label. but yea they are christian.

  2. Thanks Josh. You want to write the blog now?!

    You are right though. I missed that. Thanks.

  3. they use to be a christian band called formula316 which sounded like a really raw version of waking. so they might not be blatant about it now, but history has it that they are/were. i think they want to be real subtle about it.

  4. huh. add that to the wikipedia page.

    And they are subtle about it.