February 13, 2007

The Grammys!

So, the Grammys went down last night and I neglected my homework for a few hours to watch it. A few of my favorite artists put out some great albums this year, so I saw a few of them win. Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Gnarls Barkley to name a few. RHCP got to close the show with Dani California, but it sounded a lot like the studio version. It makes me wonder if they toned it down a little, even though Flea looked like he was having a good time. The Police were back together for one night. John Mayer also performed his song Gravity in a medley with John Legend and Corinne Bailey Rae. There was a solute to Smokey Robinson, and the drummer from the Eagles (with Rascal Flatts playing Hotel California). Carrie Underwood looked fantastic.

But there were a few things that bothered me about the show. Some how Justin Timberlake got to perform twice. When any country music artist was mentioned the audience went quiet. My Humps somehow won an award. Imogen Heap was up for the Best New Artist award, though she's been around for a long time (she was also dressed oddly, but that was to be expected). The John Mayer Trio's album Try! was up for Best Rock Album, though last I heard they were a jazz trio. The Flaming Lips, Bela Fleck, Enya, Third Day, Randy Travis, Bob Dylan, Ziggy Marley, Lewis Black, John Williams, Randy Newman, and OK GO were never mentioned despite all winning awards.

All in all, it was a good show. Well worth having to stay up until 2 in the morning finishing Calculus homework.

Check out all the winners on the Grammy's Website

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