February 5, 2007

Great Party, Bad Turnout

Wow, what a weekend! This past weekend we had some friends in town for both of my roommate's birthdays (last week and tomorrow). We had two friends visiting from Iowa City, three from Minneapolis, and a crew from Des Moines that backed out. We had a whole party lined up with beer pong and a keg with only one problem. It was freezing out. Very few people showed. But the people who did had a great time. I managed to win three beer pong games in a row, bringing my record up to 4-1. There was a lot of "white people" dancing. Around 12:30 (I think) I was up stairs talking to some people when one of my friends came into the room. He said "You need to go downstairs. The cops are here." Not good. I guess our neighbors called in a noise complaint. So I was the guy in charge, and I needed to sober up quick. Luckily they were just there for the noise complaint, and told us to clear out everyone that wasn't staying the night. So we did, and sent them all over to our friend's place a stones throw away. We all assumed they would come back after the police had left, but at least one drunk kid drove home. He's not too bright. Then, as they waiting for my driver's license to be checked via radio, the cop happened to notice a few of my decorations on the walls. They asked where I got my road signs. They could only see 4 of them, so I told them two where bought, one I found in a dumpster and one was a gift. I could have been in a LOT of trouble if he didn't believe me, since I don't have receipts for all of them.

Anyway, the party was a success.

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  1. I'll be your absinthe mentor if you'll tell me how to set up Google Analytics for my blog!