February 5, 2007

I can see you....

So I've been tracking the hits on my blog for the past three months using Google Analytics. That means that every time you open my blog, it runs a piece of code that sends information to Google, who keeps it for me to view later. That means that I can see when/where/how many times people view the site. I've got you guys in the palm of my hand! Well, not really. I can only tell down to the hour, and it doesn't update for a day usually. And the 'where' part is not good either. I get a large number of hits from Ames, which makes sense, yet they register as coming from a tiny town 20 miles away. I just find it more interesting that I get hits outside the USA. I'm guessing these people are using blogger's 'random blog' link. I know some of my friends read the blog, especially since I have a 67% of hits are from returning visitors. Here's a screen shot of the print out I see:

oh yeah, and the orange spike there I think was before I learned to filter my hits. One day I looked through the site and did some revisions to the labels on previous postings.

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