February 16, 2007

Into the studio!

After over a year of talking/dreaming, Nimit and I are finally recording music. The battle of the bands deadline is coming up soon and we want to throw a demo into the mix. If we get to perform, great. If not, at least we made some music. So the recording starts today after classes. I'm excited. I'm not sure where the music will be posted, or even what genre it will be, but I'll make sure to link it here. They want 3 songs, so one will be Nimit's, one will be ours, and one a cover. If we have time we might add one of my songs or another collaboration.

Below are the links for our PureVolume pages. Not much there yet, except a really really bad version of my song Never Forget. It really is bad. But it's a song I wrote for my ex while we were still dating. It has a chorus and everything, but I never sing it because I don't connect with it anymore. I'm not sure I ever really played it for her. I'll post the lyrics if I can find them.

Nimit's Purevolume
My Purevolume (The Truth About Steve)

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