February 27, 2007

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol was formed in 1994 by three guys from Northern Ireland and Scotland. The band's original name was Polar Bear. After legal threats from an American band of the same name, they changed it to Snow Patrol in 1997. Their past two CDs, Final Straw and Eyes Open, have helped the band climb the charts in both the UK and the USA. For more information about the band click the Wikipedia link below.

Let me just state right off the bat that Snow Patrol is one of my favorite bands right now. Final Straw was the first album I heard of theirs, and I loved it. It was heartfelt, simple but elegant, and the entire album flowed together as one cohesive thought. If you cannot tell, the concept of a single does not sit well with me. Albums are way more powerful in my mind. And Final Straw is just that. Although the album produced five singles, it is still very much entity to me.

Their latest album Eyes Open is also a great CD, but it has a little different feel to it. A few songs are acoustic, a few straight Indy-rock and there's even one song featuring Martha Wainwright's vocals (which I love). You can even hear instruments like marimbas, bells, vibes, piano, tympani, and assorted strings. The lyrics are probably my favorite part of the whole album. Practically every song could be a love song, and many of them are. Here is what lead singer Gary Lightbody has to say about their first single from Eyes Open:

Chasing Cars is the only love song that I've ever written that doesn't have a kind of a dark side to it. It's completely joyous, hopeful, sweet, romantic, kind of song. The reason why I don't write songs like that all the time is that I don't feel like that all the time. Hardly ever, to be honest.
My closing thoughts? I wish I could write more eloquently about such a powerful band. Check out Snow Patrol. You know you want to...

Fun Fact: The band was the final ever act to perform on long-running BBC music show Top of the Pops, performing "Chasing Cars" on the show's penultimate edition (wiki).

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