February 16, 2007

So far....

So I've had this blog for around 6 months. Over that time I've done my best to define the content that I write about. I think I've done a pretty good job so far. The only thing I think I could do better about is writing about bands more. It takes me much longer to talk about a band than anything else. I mean, posting a picture takes all of 5 minutes max, but writing my thoughts on a band's album usually takes me over an hour (after tracking down pictures, all the website links, pictures and listening to the tracks one by one). So I wanted to ask my dedicated readers, all five of you. What do you want to hear about? Any bands in particular you want me to check out? I know other websites do a better professional job about describing an album, but I hope that I cover bands that they don't do.

Here are the bands I've written about so far (newest to oldest): Keith Urban, Hanalei, Waking Ashland, Anberlin, Iron & Wine, Jamie Cullum, Gambling District, CSS, the Pilfers, Pink Spiders, Bloc Party, Fort Minor, the Mountain Goats, the Doug Little Quartet, +44, White Iron Band, the Gaia Corporation, Weird Al Yankovich, Imogen Heap, Justin King, Quietdrive, Ludo.

Anyway, I have a list of bands I want to cover someday. Here are a few bands that I plan to write about someday. I also want to get a copy of the new albums in the previous post, and talk about those too. If there are any you want me to do the next time I have time, speak up.

Norah Jones, Brand New, John Mayer, Alien Ant Farm, Aqualung, Tegan and Sara, the Bravery, Colin Hay, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Death Cab for Cutie, Flaming Lips, Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Her Space Holiday, Jars of Clay, Kubla Khan, Mat Kearney, Paramore, Postal SErvice, Sasha, Teitur, Travis, Zebrahead, Blue October, Jack's Mannequin, Mae, Mike Doughty, Snow Patrol.

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